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 Die, federation!SIEG ZION!!!

Episode 1:Gundam Rising

  • Just right before the explosion, that Frau Bow manages to survive to, you can see a bloke carriyng a 2 meters long pole!! You do need one of that when you are going into an emergency shelter where there is hardly any space to move (see image)

Episode 4:Escape from Luna II  

  • Right after Bright gave an advice to Wakkein, and gets threatened he has white in his eyes. Normally he hasn't got it. Same happens in other parts of the episode(when they release Mobile Suits and he takes the full responsibility, when he is facing Wakkein's gun and when Cassius dies) see

  • Char's Musai bridge view has something demon like (you can even spot a skull in the middle!!) this is due to old anime enemy's cliches from Go Nagai (see image)

Episode 5:Re-entry to Earth  

  • The repairing bubbles animation is recycled from episode 1

Episode 6:Garma strikes

  • After Amuro regains consciousness, since he tosses the shield Gundam's fist are white instead of black (see)

  • Amuro gets back to the White Base in the Guntank, and Kai takes his place, but when they are changing pilots, the top part is from the Gundam!! (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • When the kids come rushing up to Amuro with the food cart, Kikka's shorts are red instead of blue! <Thanks to Clay's spotting>


  • Ending scene of the episode, while Char is taking a shower, Garma is reading Hotel's booklet. But the front page looks the same of Gundam's instruction manual (that Amuro was reading in the previous episode)


Episode 7:The Core Fighter's escape

  • When Sayla and the others go to check what's going on, the old men's leader has no colour on his moustache (see)

  • When Amuro comes back and docks with the Gundam, it's "face" is drawn badly and the "chin" isn't red (see image)

  • Note: At the end of the episode Sayla is driving the White Base. Sayla??? Has she got the "space ship driving license"? Let's face it, driving such a huge thing on Earth, right in the middle of the Grand Canyon, keeping a low height to avoid Zeon's radar and with very little room near the rocky sides, is not the optimal condition to start taking driving lessons....

Episode 8:Winds of War

  • After the Luggun drops "aids capsule" to the lady & child, Gundam's fists are again white (see)

Episode 10:Garma's fate

  • At the beginning of the battle Gundam's bazooka gets all black.


  • In this shot, you can spot that Gundam is missing air vents that make him look a bit angry (see) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • While Char fights his bazooka has many spawns. First time it has three opening in the back part, another time it has four of them, then it’s not fully drawn and his final part has been cut. <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


  • Furthermore, during this battle, not only Gundam’s bazooka changes, but it’s always held from a different part <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


  • When Bright does the countdown, around 3, you can see a Zaku that's chasing a running away Gundam. Both are running in mid air. This is really funny


Episode 11:Icelina - Love's remains

  • As soon as they land on the Gaw, before the turrets shoot, you can see the Gundam kicking the air, without any reason, in a funny way. <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • When Guncannon fells off the Gaw and the Gundam goes after it, the MS's shield is huge (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • When the taken down Gaw tries to hit the Gundam, it sends the MS flying and it fells backwards, but after Icelina has shot, the Gundam is placed parallelwise to the giantplane. (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • Icelina lands on her head after a 10meters fall, so a splitted water melon effect would do, but the body has the whole head safe (see image 1 and 2)

  • Icelina is obviously Beauty from Daitarn 3 (see image)

Episode 12:The Threat of Zeon

  • When the Gundam launches to fight the Gouf, he is holding a bazooka but as soon as it lands it has the Beam-rifle


  • When the Gundam gets kicked away from the Gouf, it has white fists once again (see image)

Episode 13:Coming home

  • The bloke that insist with Amuro to make him hide his Core Fighter, is wearing a skirt...but in original Japanese he is voiced by a man!!! By the way seems he even has some sinus

Episode 14:Time, be still

  • The Magician was the Meganoid Commander in Daitarn 3 (episode 27) - see - and right in front of the audience, with his hands behind the head, there is also Aran Banjo as a special guest!!!

  • When the Gundam goes to help Matilda we see the usual bazooka color mistake (because the sequence was recycled!).


  • When Matilda tells Bright about the Capital Punishment, he gets white in his eyes again.(see).

  • The explosives expert, when talks about removing the bombs, has a gray uniform like Bright, instead of blue.


  • After Amuro takes off the explosives from the Gundam it's "chin" is too long.

Episode 16:Amuro deserts

  • Right at the start/summary of the episode before docking the Gundam holds the Beam-rifle but as it lands he has the bazooka


  • When Haro makes Cozun stumble, he gets funny eyes. You wouldn't expect it in a dramatic show like Gundam (see image)

  • After Cozun dies, the Gundam has white "chin" and the mask is tiny.It's the same sequence recycled from episode 7

Episode 17:Zeon's secret mine

  • Amuro, with the STOLEN Gundam at his back, when Frau Bow says: "Come back, they will forgive you"
    he answers:"And what should I be forgiven for???"


  • Note: When Frau wants to peek the enemy base behind Gundam's hand, she manages to move a finger of the mobile suit!! Wow, she must have a lot of strength!

  • When the Gundam stabs the Mega Beam Cannon from above, it has white fists. And also while it is using the Vulcan against the Adzam again white fists

  • When it's onto the Adzam it uses the Gundam Javelin but in a lot of images, it still has 2 weapons left in his back pack <Thanks to Morpheus' spotting>

Episode 18:Ramba Ral's attack

  • When Ryu eventually helps the Gundam against the Gallop, the Mobile suit holds a bazooka but it had only the beam-rifle

Episode 21:The trap of M'Quve

  • At the beginning there is the usual bazooka color mistake (see image 1 and 2)

  • Just before being sent to Amuro, you can see that Gundam's part B has unusually funny spiky foot point! <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • When the Guncannon drops in the battlefield, it is not equipped with any weapon but when it has landed you can spot the end part of a beam rifle! <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


  • Right after Gundam's landing and scouting the Dobday, there's a coloring mistake: Gundam's antenna horn are in yellow but they should be in white and the face vents are not colored in black as they should be (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • In the scene where Fraw Bow and the kids tell Amuro and Hayato that they stink, Kikka's "red cheeks" aren't there (see image) <Thanks to Clay's spotting>

Episode 22:Matilda's rescue

  • As soon as the Gundam docks with the G-Fighter it has white chin (see image)

  • Amuro guesses the name "G-Fighter", nobody told him. Could be one of New Types's power??

  • At the end of the episode, no matter how badly the Gundam got damaged, it's like brand new (see image 1 and 2)

Episode 23:Black Tri-Star

  • Mirai alone with Bright in his room has naked legs!! Is this just a color mistake or was she getting hot??

  • While fighting Masha's Dom they forgot to draw Gundam's hand holding the beam saber! <Thanks to Morpheus' spotting>

Episode 24:The battle of Odessa

  • How strange the betrayer's name is Judak...

Episode 26:A spy on board

  • Bright spots Kai while he is straggling out of the White Base but lets him go despite he has already been military assigned and risks capital punishment!! This mistake has been fixed in the movie because this was considered a bad one: Bright says he signed Kai in just has an helper not as a regular soldier... <Thanks to Morpheus' spotting>

  • Yes, it's true "Miharu Ratokie" is the typical Irish name...

  • Hayato is in the Guncannon, but while he is fighting, we see him in Guntank's cockpit; you can tell from: the glass edges tipycal of the "head cockpit", from the size wich is more long and wide of core block's one and from the joystick like levers. <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


  • In the end, after slashing the Z'Gock, we can see that the enemy MS falls down but the Gundam despite not using any thrusters/verniers is just "idly standing" in the sky. Could this be a reference to Tomino's other famous mecha Daitarn 3?? (see)

  • Note: While Kai is going back to the base and gets knocked away by an explosion, you can see Amuro's Pinocchio like toy (from episode 13) with a cheeky face (see)

Episode 27:Across the Atlantic ocean

  • When the Gundam comes out of the sea, it's ventilation hatches on both head's sides are white, they should be black. (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • When Amuro speaks, after Kai returns with Gunperry, he is wearing a uniform but he was in his pilot suit before.



Episode 28:Tragedy in Jaburo

  • The title "Tragedy in Jaburo" doesn't suggest all will go well...

  • Just before getting killed by Char's ZGock, the GM has a beam rifle, but it should have a beam spraygun instead <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


  • Note: a Gashapon with Matilda dressed as a bride has been made for the "Happy & Merry World of Gundam shattered dreams" collection

Episode 29:A wish of war orphans

  • Note: after an Agguy smashes the turret, a snake gets so scared that loses it's rings. This may be the only other funny sequence after that seen in episode 16

  • Amuro got splapped on his right cheek but he is cooling the left one


  • When Char's infiltration squad enters Jaburo's underground, his MS's claws are coloured in red (see image) <Thanks to Louis' spotting>

  • While launching, the Gundam is equipped with a bazooka, but as soon as it lands, it has the beam rifle <Thanks to Louis' spotting>


Episode 30:A decoy in space

  • After Sayla kills a Dom we see the Gundam that turns and shoots but the ending part of the Beam-rifle is already floating behind him  ^^"  (see image 1 and 2)

Episode 31:Breakthrough

  • While Bright speaks with Sayla she has the front collar white instead of black (see)

  • During the White Base's outgoing, we can see Jigen and Lupin! <Thanks to Hyper Shinchan's spot>

  • Usual bazooka color mistake when Gundam launches

Episode 33:A fateful encounter

  • After Sleggar slaps Mirai and talks to Cameron his ranks onto the collar are in red (see)

Episode 34:The glory of Solomon

  • Note:Bright not only is worried for the 3 kids, but also for Haro!!!

Episode 36:The duel in Texas

  • When the Gundam enters Texas Colony,and is shown behind a glass, you can spot a mouse. It's curious it managed to survive all those years at 0 gravity...

Episode 37:Char and Sayla

  • Being a little pedantic here, Gundam's damage on it's right cheek is gone, should still be there because this is the following of the previous episode. (see image 1 and 2)

Episode 42:Escape

  • Note: This blooper is only in the 3th recapped movie. You can spot a G-armor when Seyla lands on A-baoa-qu, the point is G-armors don't even exist in these movies and are replaced with Core boosters



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