Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes


Episode1: Before the storm

  • Fundamental question of the series: but it is possible that in the 30s a person, even if rich and noble, was free to: shoot people, kidnap girls, shoot people in front of everyone? Police? It seems to be in feudal Japan ...

Episode2: A magnificent gift

  • Jeudi where he finds the first aid kit with which he takes care of Lundi (by the way, Georgie Arthur's perfect double)? Had he hidden it in our dress?

  • The tear of Lundi's gilet is done during the whole episode.



  • How do Jeudi and Lundi get out of the trunk of the car in the race? Does the boot open from the inside?

Episode 3: Goodbye to a friend

  • When our friends look at the map of Europe, they change the arrangement of Hans's hands from one scene to the next. Moreover, what is that map sucks? Since when Liechtenstein borders Italy?


  • The reward of Jeudi and Lundi is written in French but we are in Bern. In addition, Count George becomes Gerges ...

  • Shortly after others written in French rather than German.

Episode 4: The trap

  • While the two lackeys of the count place the bomb under the bridge, change the dress (and the hair!) Of one of the two ...


  • When Jeudi and Lundi are on the train, the background mountains flow to the right and sometimes to the left giving the impression that the train goes a little 'ahead and a bit' back!

  • What reason does Jeudi have to stand still in front of the running train until the end? Once they saw her and started to brake, she could easily move to the side ...

  • When Lundi goes to defuse the bomb, the other side seems very close, but then it is much further away.


Episode5: The garden that knows the past

  • What's Tommy Young's dad doing in the photos of Count Gourmont's family album? Besides, who is that pokemon under the girl? And why photograph two shady figures with faces covered by the cap? Unfortunately unanswered questions.

  • Shortly after we see Bright Noa from Gundam look-alike (but with a horrible cap on her head)


Episode 6: The melody of the alpine rose

  • When Jeudi is grabbed by Heinrich, both doors on the door behind him are open. Then Heinrich closes one and magic! They are both closed ...


  • Immediately afterwards Leonard tore a piece of paper into eight parts and threw it into the air. It makes tiny sheets of paper snow for about 20 seconds ...

  • In the scene where Jeudi sneaks into the room, the partitions in the library glass are missing, but in the image they appear magically (and then disappear again).


Episode7: The voice of courage in the skies of the homeland

  • The piano of one of the members of the orchestra has the wrong keys (they simply alternate whites with blacks)

Episode 8: The beautiful fugitive

  • Congratulations to the good luck of Leonard who steals a suitcase to a lady on the train and magically find all the necessaire to make up for women ... Among other things, the two henchmen of the count are really specks. Not to recognize a man in disguise there is a big difference...

  • Lundi rests in a bed of six and a half squares that, shortly after, becomes a single bed!


Episode 9: The knight with the sword

  • Probably the choice is voluntary, but the Nazis do the Hitler heil with the arm not strained.

  • Leonard, wounded, is stripped and treated by Jeudi. Within two seconds he manages to get dressed but above all to wear a tie!


  • Leonard tries in every way to convince Jeudi to jump off the running train (we would dare say a suicidal plan!). In the end he succeeds. They hurl down, they land on legs (!) On the rails and jump off just before the train on the other side overwhelms them. Apart from that they could at least wait for the other train to pass, but how can they do nothing?!?


  • Shortly after we witness a Leonard Megaborg of biblical proportions!

Episode10: Lost memory

  • The father of Jeudi is the double of Matt Trekker of the Mask!


  • Transliteration blooper: 'lavatory' becomes 'ravatory' ...

  • When Lundi disguises himself as SS, the swastika on the cap has converging hooks!

Episode 11: The ashes of ambition

  • After a few hours from the burial (moreover abusive) of the father of Jeudi, the grass above the grave has already risen! Wow of regrowth ...

  • Gourmont says that he hates violence, especially if unjustified, but then he does not mind to slap his wife, to stun people, to shoot at the back etc ... Maybe because he is 'justified' violence for him? Or is not it violence? Mah ...

  • Gourmont finishes pouring the wine into the glass but, in the image reflected on the mirror, is continuing!

Episode12: Another Alicia?

  • The window opened by Alicia's mother changes dimensions from one scene to another.


Episode 13: The impregnable bulwark

  • Trenchant is the doppelganger of Baron Alwine by Robin Hood!


  • Shortly after Trenchant's slap at Jeudi's mother, he changed the color of the guy's hair by the neck from one scene to the next.


  • Soon after, General Guizan manages to shoot at Trenchant's hand without entering the room and from an impossible angle. But how do you do it ??

  • Just at the end of the episode we see the tracks of a tank passing in front of the camera. But the track wheels are 18 ...! How long??

Episode14: Farewell to tranquility

  • But why do the cars continue to run on the dirt road every time they stop?

  • Lundi decides to leave at night. He is surprised at the door by Leonard and the latter is in a suit and tie! But does he sleep like that? Comfortable…

 Episode15: The broken piano

  • When Jeudi and Leonard escape from the inn, they jump out of the second floor window and do nothing! But how do they do it ??


  • Note: Leonard is rather unwary to start playing the piano in the middle of the night after the Nazis have looked for him at the inn and are still around ...

Episode16: Hans helps our escape

  • At the beginning of the episode, Hans's mouse is on the boy's belly but in the next scene he seems much further away. Some problems with perspective ...


  • When the thief with the bow tie approaches the junk (or whatever), we see a statuette near a mirror. This statue (and many other things) disappears immediately afterwards.


  • When Hans is woken up by the mouse in the middle of the night, the sheet under the mouse moves but the rodent stays on it without disrupting anything.

Episode17: A diabolical killer in Paris

  • But the Eiffel tower that you see at the beginning of the episode where it rests? It looks raised as if it were laid on a hill (like the Tokyo tower).

  • Jeudi is at the window thinking about how to act. Leonard approaches her and opens the left door. Then he puts his hands on her shoulders and at that point the door is closed again!



  • In the middle of the episode, Tarantola throws a knife / kunai towards Jeudi. The knife changes shape in the next scene.


  • Unfortunately, the designers of this series still do not do justice to the poor Eiffel Tower. We see her twice drawn by dogs !!!


Episode18: Song of Love in the Fog

  • When Lundi approaches Tarantula, the blood on his jacket disappears.


Episode19: The rifle aimed at freedom

  • Also in this episode we see a 'busted' Nazi salute and a swastika with converging hooks.

  • When Jeudi moves away from the station (after having been 'only' for about ten hours to wait for General Guizan) he passes in front of a tiny car (or Jeudi is a megaborg!). Obvious proportions problems.

  • When Jeudi talks to Gourmont, the width of the road changes from scene to scene.


  • Just in the final image, the poor Eiffel tower is raped again!

Episode20: The wings of the dream

  • In the car, Lundi puts her right hand on Jeudi's shoulder. In the next scene, the hand is colored brown ...


  • Guizan is never denied: he manages to shoot the bad guy's hand from a racing car that has not yet been seen on the horizon. At this point there is the doubt that it has a stand (see on wikipedia The Emperor or Sex Pistols on 'the bizarre adventures of Jojo')

  • Guizan, in addition to being a stand user, is also a vampire. It has no shadow.

  • Nice plan of the French police. It puts a roadblock, barring the road with cars and leaving the sidewalk where there are tables in a bar. Result: the checkpoint is overcome by passing from the curb. Congratulations!



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