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Bloopers and Mistakes in the episodes


Episode 1:The Devil Race Revived

  • Akira’s father sure brings badluck! Just as  he says “watch out it’s slippery” Akira stumbles and falls down the pit…

  • When Akira & Miki  are tracking Prof. Alfonse, Akira’s arm looks like it’s leaning on the border but it’s actually drawn a lot lower in the background! <Thanks to Zio Sam’s spotting>


  • The Demon destroys  Miki’s house but the morning after everything is fine... <Thanks to Andrea’s spotting>

  • Miki has gotta have a cloth selection like  Dylan Dog, every dress is the same! Proof of  this is the fact that the Demon destroyed her dress and in the morning she has the same one on... <Thanks to  Andrea’s spotting>

Episode 2:Demonic Beast Sirene

  • At the beginning of the episode Akira is sleeping with his pajama shirt on, but when he jumps out of the window he already has his yellow t-shirt with the red A on. Gosh!! Does he never change his clothes??


Episode 3:Demonic Beast Geruge

  • Almost every enemy, even if he’s just about to win, withdraws for strange reasons or gets defeated without knowing why!! The truth is that the episode is going to end: this originates the famous “20 minutes Rule"

Episode 4:Demon General Zannin

  • Akira is sleeping with his t-shirt on!! (see image)

  • Akira has no problem in kicking Miki’s parents… (see image 1 & 2)

Episode 5:The Sleeping Beauty, Zoldoba

  • Being Miki & Akira in a cave in the middle of nowhere in a Japanese forest, where the hell do they manage to find a phone and call for aid (that is Mr. Makimura)?!?!?! Mobile phones werent invented yet…

  • Miky’s father study room is so cool!! There are even skulls! What does he need them for???

  • Akira says to Lita “Lita it’s me! Devilman! Don’t you recognize me?” But he is in Akira’s form, how should she be able to know him? Furthermore Lita got hibernated before Devilman took Akira form as a disguise!

  • Miki’s father is really strong! Takes punches and kicks from Himura (that is even a Demon) and a few seconds after he is fine again. The other doctor gets kicked once and is almost dead!

Episode 6:Rockfel's neck

  • Miki is going to cause her father an heart attack!! She crawls at his back silent like a ninja and puts both hands on his shoulders!!

  • Isn’t the phone ring from Miki’s father car beautiful????!! It‘s like an emergency hooter...

Episode 7:The Terrifying Puppet Emissary Zool

Episode 8:Iyamon and Bauu

  • Devilman is whipping Yamon right on her nipple!!

Episode 9:The brainwave demon beast Gondroma

  • Tare's pet mouse makes the same noise as newborn's soft plastic toys do.
Episode 10:Demon beast Gande, the walking eye
  • Gosh!! How many times can tare pee himself??

Episode 11:The red flowered demon beast, Laflelu

  • This is not a mistake but is so funny!! Akira is becoming Devilman... Miki’s father (who was going down the sewers right above Akira), is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and gets hit by the lightning created during the boy’s transformation!! So unlucky!!! (see image)

  • Proff. Alfonse is being treated really in a rude way!!

Episode 12:The fire demon beast, Fiam

  • Fiam really mocks everyone, even Zenon the Great!

Episode 13:The arrogant Mermaim

Episode 14:Challenge at the Ice Kingdom

  • When Miki’s father & Akira are waiting out of the surgery room, the clock is on 11:35 (see image). when the operation is finished it’s on 11:10 (see image)!! Did  time go backwards or Miki’s operation lasts 24hours!! But there’s even more, in the beginning the clock has line tags instead of numbers, after it shows the numbers…



  • Himura is clinging to a stalactites, when he speaks with Devilman, he wears a white t-shirt with blue stripes, but in the next scene he has a normal shirt on <Thanks to Giubo’s spotting>


Episode 15:Demon beast Ebain, and 1000 hands

  • Right at the beginning , on top of the stairway to Akira & Miki’s rooms there’s a mirror. After the mirror is gone…


Episode 16:Demon genie, living in darknes

Episode 17:The stamp demon beast, Dagon

  • Yahiro is crazy! He tortures himself to keep awake and study!!

  • In the end of episode, when Yahiro is sitting in his desk in the classroom, has slippers (see image), but after when Akira treads his foot, he has got shoes on!! (see image)

Episode 18:Silvery Miyako

  • Tare (wielding a cornbob!) vs Yahiro (using a ruler!) is so funny to watch (see image)

Episode 19:Demon beast Adal, the dummy project

  • Tare pees himself 4 times!

Episode 20:Farewell, demon beast Drango

  • Chako getting frozen in a bar is unlucky and dangerous. They could use her as ice cubes for drinks! (see image)

Episode 21:Demon beast Doro likes humans

Episode 22:Demon beast Mugal, Illusionist

Episode 23:Demon beast Bera, Tibetan Spirit

  • Mr Kino (Miki‘s father workmate) and mr. Makimura are on a plane. Around them there are other passengers (see). But in another plane that took off in a different moment (still in this episode) we see the same people in the very same places... obviously without Kino & Miki’s father instead we have Miki & Akira! (see). In the end of the episode, same people in another plane flying with Akira, Miki, Tare, Miki’s father & mr. Kino!! (see image).


  • When Miki slaps Tare in the car, Akira helps inflict more damage putting his knuckle to hit the poor child’s head. (see image)

  • In this episode Tare pees even onto Miki! (see image))

Episode 24:Demon beast Jakon, the living ghost

Episode 25:Demon General Muzan, the school is attacked

  • Akira is too cool! To realize if he’s still dreaming instead of pinching himselfs he hits Tare!

  • Note: The principal is about to do Harakiri! (see image)

  • Yahiro is a "wankstain", but when the monster grabs Chako he gets tough with abdominals and arms super hero like! (see image)

Episode 26:Silvery demon Lala

Episode 27:Demon beast Jewel, desires beyond limitations

  • The Dr, while immobilizing Lala, touches her boob! What a pig!! (see image)

  • Between girls putting on jewels there’s even Mazinger Z's Sayaka twin (special guest) (see image)

  • This is such a big mistake that’s even hard to explain. Akira dives into the  river to help Lala. The problem here is on distance proportion and perspective! You can see Lala‘s body very tiny like it was far far away, but at the same time Akira is like he just jumped in a puddle… (see image)

Episode 28:Demon beast Miniyon, the devil's pendant

Episode 29:Demon beast Kenetos, the mysterious necklace

Episode 30:Demon beast Faizel, the insane shadow

Episode 31:Demon beast Kiluski, the red tornado

  • When there’s a building on fire it’s like a videogame! Firemen are trying everything possible to avoid all the poor people that jump down… (see image)

Episode 32:Demon beast Aurora

Episode 33:Demon beast Weathers, the sun's rebellion

  • When the school Principal speaks to the tv-camera, from the front hasn’t got a hat, but from behind he has one on his head!


  • There is again Sayaka’s twin in the classroom. (see image)

  • Pure and simple application of the 20 minutes Rule!

Episode 34:Demon beast Alron, the demonic dress

  • Even if it’s just for a second, you can see “Lady Demon General” naked!! (see image)

Episode 35:Demon Marshal Reikoku, the frozen school

  • This is a big one: while he is fighting against ”Lady Demon General” Devilman falls and holds to the buildings to get up again… but those buildings where in the background far away! (see image 1 & 2)


Episode 36:Demon beast Magdora, the flying lava

  • While Magdora attacks, Devilman flies away from the water. The point is he didn’t have his wings out... <Thanks to Ultimatedevilman’s spotting>

Episode 37:Demon beast Wuduu, the angry forest

  • Start of episode we see Proff. Alfonse’s car being overtaken from other cars, you can see them in his windshield. But they are shown from above and diagonally, not from behind!! (see image) What kind of road he’s driving onto?

Episode 38:Demon beast Dorimoon, the moon is hell

  • Oh come on! The way in which Dorimoon dies gives a lot to think about

Episode 39:Demon beast Goddo, the miracles of God

  • When we first see Miki’s Father, he is drawn without mustache!


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