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Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes


Episode1:Four warriors come out of the sky

  • During the fire fight on Earth between the Decepticons and the Autobots, we see Soundwave without the visor (they have not colored his 'eyes')

  • Also during the aforementioned battle, we see Prowl, who died at the beginning of the movie... <Thanks to Simone's note>

  • How is the bridge on which Wheelie and Daniel run when they are chased by Trypticon?

  • Shortly after the half of the episode, Metroplex slips into a tunnel where he never actually entered...

Episode2:The mystery of Planet Master

Episode3:Birth of the dream double Convoy

  • Throughout the episode, Rodimus Prime goes from having blue eyes to red and vice versa... Same conjunctivitis problem already seen in episode 18 of the third season?

  • Ultra Magnus gives orders to some Autobots, including Prowl, who died in the movie! <Thanks to Simone's note>

  • When Rodimus Prime searching for Optimus Prime, the data that passes on the optical screen are written in a random old basic.

  • During the attack on Computron, the proportions of Weirdwolf goes to hell...

Episode4:The great cassette operation

Episode5:Rebellion on planet Beast

  • The white lion has the bodice like that of Gundam.

Episode6:Approach of the demon Meteorite

  • At the beginning of the episode, after talking to Galvatron, Weirdwolf turns the chair and there is no one sitting next to him. In the image before you could see Mindwipe.

  • In this series, the characters are really specks. For example, the funny faces that makes Fortress Maximus are horrid to make Daniel laugh (and push him on a mission where he could have died!). Daniel behaves like a baby...

Episode7:The Four-Million-Year-Old veil of mystery

Episode8:Terror! The six shadows

  • Sixshot's shadow comes from the monitor. How is it possible? So much for the 3D screens!

  • We can see Sixshot wandering around the buildings, as big as they are. But how tall is it???

Episode9:Planet Cybertron is in grave danger - Episode one

  • How sad! Headmasters train using exercise bikes and rowers.


  • Ouch ouch, we see Superion running along with some aerialbots!

Episode10:Planet Cybertron is in grave danger - Episode two

  • One of the predacons slobs. But are not they robots?

  • Headmasters are hiding behind a wall thinking of a plan to attack the Decepticons. Too bad that one of them is not hidden at all and should have been seen by the enemies!!

  • Soon after, when Hardhead attacks Weirdwolf and Skullcruncher, the two Decepticons switch positions from one scene to another.


  • How sad, Mindwipe is afraid of bats...

  • A little absurd the behavior of the Autobots: Cybertron, their beloved homeworld, was destroyed but, at the end of the episode, they are all happy... boh, what's going to be funny?

Episode11:The shadow emperor Scorponok

  • Note: this episode is definitely drawn worse than the others and there are also several coloring errors.

  • During the Autobots party, we can see Blurr! But he shouldn't be there, he leaved in the first episode with Rodimus Prime and Kup!! Well, clearly he did not really want to miss the party...

  • But what does Daniel drink? Energon ?? They should tell him that in addition to being harmful to humans it is highly explosive...


  • When the four Headmasters are in front of the Decepticons base, one of them, from one scene to the other, is replaced by one of the trainbots.


Episode12:The dormant volcano mysteriously erupts

  • The writing 'emergency' on the left arm of Defensor (First aid), becomes 'emergeny'...

  • It's a little weird that the plane with the Autobots on board, is able to fly with the reactors turned off...

  • In the tenth episode, one of the Predacons drools after taking a punch. In this episode Chromedome sweats copiously. Are they robots or not?

  • At the end of the episode, the Peruvians greet the departure of the Autobots, but they have not much cause to celebrate! They remained without their homes destroyed by lava, near a volcano that still smoke and forced to live in a refugee camp style tent camp. Well, best wishes...


Episode13:Head On!! Fortress Maximus

  • When the seedling starts to sprout, we see Daniel disappear from a seated position and reappear on his feet in the space of 2 frames ... Error or teleportation?


  • Spike, after seeing the plant with the mouth open and full of sharp teeth (see), and after asking for help from Daniel and Wheelie scared, says that the plant is not dangerous with impatient tone. Congratulations, great spirit of deduction, two seconds later we see him running away like a chicken. Who would not want to have a father like that?

Episode14:Explosion on Mars!! Maximus is in danger

  • In a scene shortly after half of the episode, we see Brainstorm with his chest colored in yellow.

Episode15:Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak appears

  • We see Frenzy (or Rumble) colored yellow. Blooper or a new Decepticon?

  • Colouring error in the left side of Fortress's head.

  • Zarak retires without any reason at the end of the episode. Immediately afterwards also Fortress declares to retire (but you do not know respect to who or what, since Zarak had already gone and on the battlefield no one was left anymore...)

Episode16:Return of the immortal emperor

  • In this episode both Laserbeak and Ravage speak...

  • How sad, there is a comic gag with Visar that really does not do him credit. He looks like a brain-damaged...

  • Quote from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' with Daniel trying to contact the UFOs through a pianola.

  • During the transformation of the Autobots groups into Superion, Defensor and Computron, the Superion docking scene is entered twice.

Episode17:Planet Sandra SOS

  • OMG, together with Ultra Magnus we see two Digital!

Episode18:Daniel's biggest pinch ever!!

  • When Galvatron negotiates with Spike, he's sitting on a giant wicker chair! But does it hold him?

Episode19:Fight to the death on planet Bee Hive!!

  • The Autobots inside Fortress Maximus, are seated next to each other, with very little space between them but, in the next scene, Chromedome has all the space it takes to move...


Episode20:Battle for defense of the false planet

  • In this episode we witness countless color errors. Among the many and in order, we point out: the white arm of Soundwave sitting at the command bridge (see), the symbol of the Autobots inexistent on the chest of Fortress (see), Hardhead badly colored (see), Galvatron is devoid of a symbol on the chest (see), Highbrow colored white (see), Brainstorm with a blue breast rather than a yellow one (see)...




  • When the trainbots land on the planet, the wagon behind the locomotive is colored orange-gray, while in the next image it is gray-green.


Episode21:Find MegaZarak's weak spot!!

  • When Zarak retires in the Skorponok version, he looks like a parallelepiped!

Episode22:Head formation of friendship

  • In the scene where Highbrow is on the computer, we see on the monitor the words: "the figure, glowing in the light, came closer and closer. It had 26 numbers written on his palm" and "Tetsuo, who was leading the group, quickly pot on his brakes" and "A white figure suddenly appeared on street where there had been nothing a moment ago."
    These are parts of the manga 'Akira' by Katsuhiro Otomo! In fact we read about Tetsuo, white children and number 26 written on the palms of the hands! It is surely a quote from the famous masterpiece of Otomo.


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  • Halfway through, we see Fortress the same size as Raiden and Computron!

  • At the end of the episode, Arcee seems really too small compared to Fortress. She gets to his thigh...

Episode23:Mystery of the space pirate ship

  • The skull belonging to the Duocons Decepticons was stolen to Dr. Dokrobei by Yattaman??

Episode24:Ultra Magnus dies!!

  • It's amazing to see Sixshot launching the ninja stars!

  • Just at the end of the episode, the base fortress brakes mysteriously in flight and then starts again without any reason. Did they take a red light? Did an old woman pass the crosswalks?

  • Ultra Magnus in the movie is literally torn apart by Galvatron and yet they can bring it back to life (but not for Optimus Prime!). Sixshot instead in this episode makes a wound in his chest and for everybody Ultra Magnus died without any possibility of salvation! Why? <Thanks to Uncle Sam's report> 

Episode25:The emperor of destruction vanishes on an iceberg

  • What a bad scene! When Blaster falls into the crevasse, Steeljaw crying.

  • It's really dumb Galvatron's plan to become one with the Earth. According to his plans would he become fat?? It is unwatchable!

  • Ridiculous the gymnastic pose taken by Galvatron during the clash with Headmasters.

Episode26:I risk my life for Earth

  • Just at the beginning of the episode you can see Punch again among the ranks of Decepticons. But he had cried out to the Headmasters the weak point of Galvatron in the last episode. Is it possible that none of the others present (Zarak, Sixshot etc ...) have noticed that?

  • Just as happened in episode 22, the monitor reports some writings referable to Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira! In fact we see written: '26 numbers', 'mysterious figure melted', 'happen to Kaneda' and even 'One of Japan's leading comics of the 1987' !!!


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Episode27:Miracle Warriors Targetmasters: Episode One

  • Right at the beginning of the episode we can see Skyfire (we have not seen it from the first series...) and especially Ironhide (dead in the movie!!)


  • When Spike, Arcee and the other autobots are facing the base of the Decepticons, the first person seen from behind on the left has white hair but then, in front, has blacks.


Episode28:Miracle Warriors Targetmasters: Episode Two

  • How sad! Even Target-Masters train by with weights, rowers etc...


  • While talking to Carly and Daniel, Spike has a really depered face. It looks like Michael Jackson in Thriller!


Episode29:The Master Sword is in danger!!

  • Right at the beginning of the episode, Hardhead has green arms rather than black.


  • Once again, while the trap is a measure of transformers (in this case the laser bars under which Daniel passes), the command to deactivate it (a simple keyboard) is absolutely human! But why??

  • It makes me laugh that hyper-technological machines like transformers need a kind of walkie talkie to talk about. In the first series they had mounted on the arms a sort of transmitters. Did they get involved?


Episode30:Zarak shield warfare

  • How sad, Visar hides inside a chest to listen to the speeches of the Autobots. The good old times are so far when he was transformed into a walkman... The answer to the question in episode 29: yes, definitely they are involved!

Episode31:Destron annihilation strategy

  • The word 'emergency' on Defensor's arm is wrong. There is written 'emeirgency' and besides all the letters, apart from the first two, are overturned with respect to how they should be.

  • During the clash between Decepticons and Autobots, in an image we see Sixshot without an arm...

  • When Fortress uses the Master Sword, they recycled the transformation scene and see the background as if he were on space, even if he is actually on Earth.

Episode32:My friend Sixshot!

  • It is not clear why in this episode Sixshot is painted as a good guy... Daniel himself says that it is because of the war if he can not be a friend of Sixshot. But this is not Gundam, the bad guys are bad guys and the good guys are good guys. The Decepticons fight simply to destroy and dominate. And this would also apply to Sixshot.

Episode33:Asteroid duel

Episode34:The final showdown on Earth: Episode One

  • Just at the beginning of the episode, we see a map of southern Italy really unwatchable!

  • When you see Punch talking to Zarak, the latter seems a little too small. Punch is the same size as Fortress and Fortress is as big as Zarak so there's something wrong...


Episode35:The final showdown on Earth: Episode Two

  • At the beginning of the episode, another wrong map. The United States is as big as the whole of Asia, Africa is tiny, Britain is attached to the continent... But is it so difficult to trace maps from some atlas?

  • When Fortress is seated with Arcee next to him, his left hand is pink (ie the same color as the autobot 'woman')

  • When Fortress fights against Skorponok, the two find themselves in the middle of the desert but the jump that autobot makes lifts up the ice... Where does it come out?


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