Transformers G1 Season 1






Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes

Episode1: More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

  • Already in the opening we can see two Starscream. As they say: "Who starts well ..."

  • During the fight in the Autobots spacecraft, Ratchet, thrown into the air by Soundwave, has a Decepticon symbol on the chest! Thanks to Zenith's signal (BOY)

  • In the same scene we can see two Soundwave and two Starscream!

  • Autobots fly…

Episode2: More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2

  • Spike can easily read the data of Teletran 1. But if everything is written in autobot language...

  • We see an undefined Decepticon of violet color, similar to Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp. Who is he??

  • Starscream is ridiculous. Use a slingshot to fight ...

  • When Megatron orders Soundwave to gather all the attacking forces, reflectors are seen. But I'm at least 7 !! They were not just 3 ?? Also there are other orange and yellow Decepticons. Who the hell are they ?? All Soundwave cassettes ??


  • While Frenzy is in the river to beat, you can see two Frenzy (indeed, three!) Together with Megatron. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Before entering the mine, Prowl, framed from behind, has a yellow head, while Ratchet has it black...

Episode3: More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

  • Roller makes the noise of R2D2

  • Oh God!! Soundwave has the symbol of Autobots!

  • After firing to Starscream, Megatron has a white bazooka!

  • When Frenzy and Hound struggle, we witness a water effect. They recycled the scene in the episode before !!

  • The number of aircraft supplied to Megatron (originally Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp) increases dramatically on stage in an exponential way and without any logic.

  • When Ironhide follows the Decepticons, the rifle on his back appears and disappears depending on the scene. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )


  • Before Optimus Prime and Megatron confront each other, the latter is missing the Decepticon symbol on his chest ...? Thanks to Zenith's signal (BOY)


  • Shortly afterwards, Starscream is about to shoot but Spike manages to disarm him by throwing a stone at the metal hand (?!) ... that he too is a autobot? Thanks to Zenith's signal (BOY)
  • When Optimus falls, you see Mirage on the ground, while it is already on board the spaceship Decepticon ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )

Episode4: Transport to Oblivion

  • The bazooka that has Soundwave on the shoulder changes position (the two yellow horizontal lines around the chest disappear too)


  • When Decepticons activate the space bridge, a shot noise is heard. But they have nothing to do with it ...

  • Terrible! Bumblebee is captured by the Decepticons but we can see him among the Autobots!!

  • After saving Ironhide, you can see Optimus Prime with one foot trapped in a rock. But how did it end? An instant before he did not have it!

  • Note: we witness the first (of a long series) retreat of the Decepticons ...

  • Sunstreaker, absent throughout the episode, appears magically trapped along with the other Autobots.

  • Note: After the end of the last episode it was said that the Autobots would be back on Cybertron, thanks to the energy provided by the terrestrial governments, now this idea is totally abandoned. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )
  • Note: Shockwave and Megatron have not met for four million years, how does Shockwave contact him so easily? ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )

  • Note: The way Bumblebee falls into the ravine is very ridiculous. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )

  • At the end of the episode we see an image with two Starscream!! They were wrong to color Skywarp!!


Episode5: Roll for It

  • We can see again two Starscream during the retreat of the Decepticons.

  • Let's see the head of Bluestreak. Too bad it was turned into a car and then it was impossible to see his head ...


  • Immediately after Prowl turns into a car and passes on the foot of the poor Optimus Prime...

  • To open the gate of the base, the guard crushes the button of a calculator (!!)

  • When Megatron and the other Decepticons fly, they have horrid yellow lights under their feet, never seen before!

  • Chip is very strong! He manages to rip a floppy disk with his hands!

  • Immediately after Ravage breaks through the window using Chip's wheelchair (with the boy on it!)

  • Terrible the transformation of Bumblebee into a car above Spike and Chip. He would surely have killed them!

  • Ratchet appears in the attack on the laboratory and then at the Headquarters waiting for the companions. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )

  • Note: Frenzy definitely shows that he is too stupid when he is on guard. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )
  • A Question: If Sunstreaker and Sideswipe fly, why equip them with a parachute?

  • In this episode, Starscream is retired first and then also Megatron ...

Episode6: Divide and Conquer

  • Let's see two Starscream again!

  • One of the reflectors went to Cybertron but soon we see three of them on Earth. So how many are they?

  • When Starscream holds the tree in hand, it becomes Thundercracker in the image immediately after ...


  • Why do not the Autobots repair themselves in the Wheeljack workshop on Cybertron, instead of being exposed to acid rain? ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )

  • When the Autobots return to Shockwave, Ironhide is colored black. ( Note of AlediLeo and Kira )


Episode7: Fire in the Sky

  • It's unbelievable that Skyfire and Starscream have come so close to Earth, millions of years ago, since Cybertron had been introduced to a very distant planet. Starscream certainly could not have the land jet configuration, which was given to him by Teletran 1 in the first episode of the series. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Ridiculates the attack position assumed by the Reflectors (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Note: It is ironic that Starscream tells Skyfire that he is a traitor... (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode8: S.O.S. Dinobots

  • The guy present from the waterfall, at the beginning of the episode, first has red hair and then magically blacks!


  • When Ratchet goes to the rescue of Bumblebee, one leg disappears...

  • This time we see Optimus colored blue and immediately afterwards return red again ...

  • Megatron shouts yet another retreat.

  • We see Wheeljack go away with Optimus and the others, but then he actually stays at HQ, since he activates the Dinobots. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • During the retreat of Megatron, we see Skywarp colored as Starscream (and in fact turn out two Starscream ...) (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • In the end the captive Autobots are only five, but they had left in more. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode9: Fire on the Mountain

  • Note: in this episode, Starscream uses missiles from the chest, never used before.

  • Spike speaks calmly with the Peruvian girl. But in English or Spanish?

  • At the end of the episode, Thundercracker nicely criticizes Megatron, who laughs. What courage, it's good that Megatron is in a good mood ...

Episode10: War of the Dinobots

  • When Megatron and Starscream, at the end of the episode, fly away, Starscream, from one frame to another turns blue to become Thundercracker ..!

Episode11: The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash (Part 1)

  • It does not make any sense what Spike does with the wrench. He basically puts it inside the Teletran 1 gears to activate a special corrosive foam. It's also a little 'smile that the Autobots keep in their base, a foam harmful to them!

  • Why are the slaves all dressed like Sparkplug? Do they all work in the same place? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Thundercracker magically becomes Skywarp in a frame!!


Episode12: The Ultimate Doom: Search (Part 2)

  • When the chasm under the feet of Spike and Bumblebee opens, initially it looks nice wide then, when Spike jumps, it becomes little more than a small ditch ... Then it returns to be gigantic!


  • Bumblebee practically delivers Spike to Laserbeak. It does nothing to stop the Decepticons from snatching them from their arms ...

  • Decepticons abuse Sparkplug in a variety of ways. Poor guy ...

  • Skywarp goes to Cybertron but then we see him in the submarine base.  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • How do Autobots know that Sparkplug is on Cybertron? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Ironhide goes on Cybetron with the others but then we do not see him anymore.  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Note: Well, there's a stroke of luck!  Brawn, Spike and Bumblebee fall right in the workshop of Decepticons! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode13: The Ultimate Doom: Revival (Part 3)

  • Already from some episodes, probably for script needs, the Autobots no longer fly as they did in the first episodes ...

  • Two Decepticons aircraft, on Cybertron, become Starscream and Thundercracker (which had remained on Earth!) from one shot to another ...

  • Autobots shoot everyone at Megatron, who had already left for several minutes .. How could he always be within range ?! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode14: Countdown to Extinction

  • Just at the beginning of the episode, during the reconstruction of the Earth, we see an image with two Brawn! In the following scene, one of them becomes Gears ...


  • Note: Starscream shows the symbol of the Decepticons just like Suke does in Manga Mitokomon

  • In an image, we see Optimus Prime with the antenna of the white head instead of blue ...

  • In a sequence, at the beginning of the episode, Megatron has an entirely white face, without black eyebrows.  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • The final explosion of the generator is a bit 'disappointing: from how Starscream and Dr. Arkeville had talked about it, would have to destroy the entire planet Earth and instead simply hits Starscream in flight, without causing special damage. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Note: This is the first episode (and the only one in the first series) where Rumble, the twin of Frenzy, appears.(Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode15: A Plague of Insecticons

  • While the insecticons are running towards the Autobots, one of them has the symbol of the Decepticons that appears and disappears.


  • After Optimus breaks through the wall, we see two Sunstreaker (actually one was Sideswipe, but was mistakenly colored yellow ...)!!

  • Big mistake! When the Decepticons retire, we see Skyfire retreat with them!! But did not he become a good guy?

  • Here we see Wheeljack flying...

  • It is crazy that a giant like Skyfire can hide behind plants of wheat! Also, how does Skyfire know that it was Kickback who shot him, since the Insecticons did not even show up?  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • In a scene in the underground tunnel and at the end of the episode, Sunstreaker has "hair" completely yellow, rather than black. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode16: Heavy Metal War

  • At the beginning of the episode, the Constructicons load the stolen materials on Long haul, in the truck version, but when it turns into robots, they all disappear and there is no longer any trace. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • It's funny that the Decepticons decide to dig a tunnel to get to the base of the Autobots, starting from THEIR base !! Apart from the fact that it is not known how far the two bases are far away, in case of necessity, there would always remain a tunnel connecting the two places and this, a priori, is not a good thing!


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