Transformers G1 Season 2






Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes


Episode17: Autobot Spike

  • Autobots (and Sparplung) are really idiots! They show Autobot-Spike 'Frankenstein'. But they did not give other TV programs? So many movies and they choose the least suitable!

  • After Autobot-Spike fires at the Decepticons, we see two Starscream (one turned into a jet, the other into a robot) and even three Thundercracker!!


Episode18: Changing Gears

  • Piazza dei Miracoli is a bit different and the cypresses are not there! And above all, the tower of Pisa is not yellow! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode19: City of Steel

  • When Megatron talks with Constructicons, the cannon that has Soundwave on his shoulder is colored red...

  • When Scavenger begins to break through the ceiling, the cracks that are created on it, end up right on top of Scavenger!

  • When Megatron disables Optimus Prime, lying on Long haul, you can see a yellow Decepticon standing next to Soundwave, not identifiable. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira) - It could be one badly colored Constructicons (Mixmaster).

  • When the Autobots tighten the crocodile created with the pieces of Optimus Prime, we see the right arm of Optimus coming out of the crocodile. However, when the Autobot is reassembled, the present arm is the left one. (Thanks to Luigi's note)


  • Soon after, when Megatron and Soundwave watch the Autobots from the monitor, Optimus Prime has both arms in place but should always miss the right. (Thanks to Luigi's report)

  • While driving the train, Frenzy becomes Rumble from one image to another ...


Episode20: Attack of the Autobots

  • If Megatron has an invisibility spray why he does not use it to attack Optimus Prime and other Autobots directly? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode21: Traitor

  • The two professors fall from a height of at least 10 meters and nothing is done. Lucky them, if the transformers are made of iron, they are made of rubber ...

  • Halfway through, we witness the umpteenth scene starring two Starscream!

Episode22: The Immobilizer

  • In the middle of the episode, immediately after the transformation of Megatron into a gun, we see from one scene to another Starscream become Skywarp. Of course they make it confusing with this colors!


  • Bumblebee goes off with Spike, but in the image after, we see him talking among the other autobots!

Episode23: The Autobot Run

  • Initially we see Huffer coming out of the Headquarters, to go to the race with the other Autobots, but then we find him at the base together with Ratchet and Wheeljack. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)



  • After Megatron shoots at Starscream, we can see among the Decepticons Shockwave !!! But it's not on Cybertron??

  • Note: in this episode, there is a rock soundtrack by GIJoe.

  • At the tenth minute of the episode, Shockwave returns to visit us in the midst of the Decepticons!!!

  • Bumblebee runs away with Spike, but later is among the captive Autobots (in the form of a car) ...

  • Ratchet is colored red (thus becoming Ironhide).

  • Chip is amazing. He can reverse with the wheelchair without using his hands, after he stands up quietly and finally performs a kind of suicidal action by throwing himself down a slope with his wheelchair! It is a miracle that remains alive!

Episode24: Atlantis, Arise!

  • Fantastic Spike! When Bumblebee transforms from machine to robot, it flies away from the cockpit of the autobot as if it had propellers in the butt!

  • When Megatron destroys the obelisk at the end of the episode, in the same image you can see two Optimus Prime! One remains motionless to look at the monument, the other one throws himself at us!

Episode25: Day of the Machines

  • The keys of Toro3 are in size Decepticon (even if the commands should be used by simple human beings ...)

  • In mid-episode, we see Sideswipe with a red head.

  • Hook is colored yellow instead of green. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • The way Spike and the other Autorobots escape are insane. The magnet speech makes you laugh. By the way, if Skyfire was able to break through the wall, why did not he do it before? They will not make us believe that Skyfire and Hound were afraid of Rumble and Ravage who were guarding (smaller and less powerful than them!)

Episode26: Enter the Nightbird

  • And this would be the secret base of the Decepticons? ok, the Autobots are idiots but up to this point ...

  • It is horrid as Thundercracker and Skywarp are designed. Especially the first one, it looks like a fatso!

  • At the end of the episode, the chip disappears from the hands of Optimus Prime from one scene to another.


Episode27: A Prime Problem

  • Starscream (or rather, its copy) is disintegrated by Optimus Prime, but in the image after it is with the other Decepticons...

  • If Megatron has such a precise device able to recreate perfectly Optimus Prime, without even Teletran 1 noticing the difference, why not use it to increase his army? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Note: Among the Autobots you see Powerglide and Warpath for the first time. They had not yet been presented ...

Episode28: The Core

  • Note: The colors of this episode are really ugly, but at least they used different animations to show the transformation of Constructicons into Devastator ...

  • While Devastator faces the Autobots out of the cave, inside Starscream gives orders to other Constructicons!! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode29: The Insecticon Syndrome

  • We can see two Skywarp…

  • OMG, Jazz has the symbol of Decepticons! Perhaps par condicio with Soundwave which, in the third episode, had the symbol of the Autobots!

  • Note: Ironhide has its own name written in the circuits!  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode30: Dinobot Island: Part 1

  • Note: In this episode there are a lot of new Autobots and Decepticons including Dirge, Ramjet, Perceptor, Blaster, Red Alert, Grapple, Blitzwing...

  • Note: Dinobots fly. So even they, while being "Autobots" are able to fly?

Episode31: Dinobot Island: Part 2

  • Ok the mass shifting, but how the hell do three mammoths stay inside the trailer of Optimus Prime ?? As big as it can be, a truck is still a truck!

  • Shortly after mid-episode, we see Megatron with white rather than black bazooka.

Episode32: The Master Builder

  • At the beginning of the episode, as soon as we see Grapple, he is a dwarf. It's horrible the way it's drawn, it seems like the legs are missing!

  • If the Autobots are able to throw energy beams from the headlights, in the car version, why not have used them against the Decepticon in episode 23: "The Autobot Run"? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • At the end of the episode, the grid that has on the chest Optimus Prime, is designed really bad!

  • When the Autobots search for Hoist and Grapple among the debris, we see Cliffjumper become Bumblebee and then again Cliffjumper!


Episode33: Auto Berserk

  • As usual, appear Decepticons that were not there before (in this case Thundercracker, in the fighter version, takes the place of Ramjet during the escape)

Episode34: Microbots

  • Fantastic! Two simple archaeologists (and three Peruvians who are watching them ...) succeed with shovels to unearth part of a spaceship in half a day! Moles sucks!

  • Ouch ouch ouch! When Perceptor appears, it has the symbol of Decepticons in the middle of the chest!!!

  • We see Hook with a white head instead of a black one...

  • Initially, Optimus Prime starts with only three Autobots (Ratchet, Brawn and Bumblebee) then, during the attack on Megatron, these increase dramatically in number (add Ironhide, Cliffjumper and many others). (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • In the middle of the episode, Optimus Prime has the red 'knickers' instead of white ones ...

  • Note: Why does not Megatron and the Decepticons land directly in front of the starship, rather than make their way into the forest? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode35: Megatron's Master Plan: Part 1

  • It really makes you laugh that Starscream and the other Decepticons get caught up by the camera (of whom, then?) when they remove the disguises from Autobot ...

Episode36: Megatron's Master Plan: Part 2

  • First appearance of Cosmos and Astrotrain.

  • We are talking a lot about mass shifting (that is the possibility that transformers have to increase or decrease their dimensions when they are transformed by plane, ship, stereo etc ...) but then, when the Autobots are inside the rocket, directed against the sun, was not it enough for Cosmos to do mass shifting and get them all inside themselves, to safely return to Earth? Instead he is forced to tow them like a trailer ...

  • But what hearing does Spike have? Can hear the noise of the Autobots engines, some time before they arrive. Well...

Episode37: Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 1

  • Note: For the first time, we see Sparplung in civilian clothes (instead of the usual construction suit ...)

  • Why has Megatron installed a new base at the airport? And nobody notices? (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • It is ridiculous that Soundwave, in the cassette version, is hidden inside the Ironhide compartment, next to Blaster. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Halfway through the episode, the symbol of the Decepticons on the chest of Megatron is missing.

  • Shortly after we see two Red Alert! (in truth, the one turned into a car would be Jazz).

  • When Starscream holds Megatron in a gun version, the leader of Decepticon is colored entirely in white. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • But how bad is Spike in this episode? It is drawn with demoniac eyes. Call an exorcist !!

  • At the end of the episode Shockwave has both hands (instead of the laser in one, as usual). In the next image, Shockwave always keeps a gun similar to himself transformed into his hands.


Episode38: Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 2

  • Shockwave, at the end of the previous episode, had already fired and destroyed the entrance to the space bridge, while now it seems he has not done it yet. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • It seems a little far-fetched that Spike manages to keep the automatic door open while closing, considering that the door itself, immediately afterwards, has the strength to crush the guardian's head. Or Spike is Hercules or the guardian was made of butter ...

  • Swoop has the right wing wounded, but returns healthy in the next image ...

  • Curiosity: The door from which Spike & co comes out has a design that is not suited to Cybertron. It looks like "The Arabian Nights" ...

Episode39: Blaster Blues

  • Blaster's keys frequently switch from three to four and vice versa...


  • Note: Omega Supreme appears for the first time.

  • Carly and Spike (and the other transformers) walk and run quietly on the moon. But the gravity??

Episode40:A Decepticon raider in king Arthur’s court

  • After the duel between Warpath and Ramjet, the head of the latter, returns intact...


Episode41:The golden lagoon

  • Note: Great Starscream! He stop the nose before diving! Ha ha ha! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Powerglide has a broken wing that returns healthy soon after ...


Episode42: The God Gambit

Episode43: Make Tracks

  • Note: the music that transmits Blaster is the same as in the GIJoe.

  • So much for mass shifting. How does Hoist drive the Huffer? Huffer can also get bigger to contain Hoist but it would be so big that it would not be able to circulate through the streets of New York ...

  • In the theatres of New York broadcast 'Transformers - the movie'!!!

  • At the end of the episode, Trailbreaker turns into a robot, remaining suspended in the air (it is, that is, beyond the roadway, or leavening on nothing ...)

Episode44: Child's Play

  • Humans are at least unwary, if not stupid, to stay so close to the Decepticons at the beginning of the episode and ask them 'respectfully' to clear the field! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira) 

  • When the cat starts to chase Soundwave, shortly after the Decepticon becomes Perceptor.


  • When the child grabs Starscream and puts it in the bowl, it is colored as Skywarp. At the end of the episode, the same Starscream in flight becomes Thundercracker...


  • At the end of the episode, we see terrible clipping scenes. Before Aaron disappears his head and arms without reason, then the cat merges with the Autobots, the rocket and the hand of Aaron ...


Episode45: The Gambler

  • When Autobots are closed in glass cases, Smokescreen is colored black instead of red...

  • When Bosch releases the captured Autobots, we also see Smokescreen who was released first and then was already out of the cage!

  • Lord Gyconi, in addition to having a clearly Italian name and therefore being the classic gangster in the area, looks a lot like Jabba the Hutt of Star Wars.

  • When Smokescreen and Bosch play the chips at the slot machine, first the chips are 'turned on', then turned off (ie black) for no reason.


  • What a sadness! When the Autobots descend from what should be a trapdoor, they actually disappear into the floor. They could at least try to darken the trapdoor ...

  • How did Smokescreen reach the rear entrance to the arena? There is no surveillance? If the exit is so open and unattended, the Animals and the various fighting gladiators could escape freely! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • What a bad thing. At the end of the episode Silardo moves along with Bosch! They practically did not animate the walk ...

  • A totally immoral episode. Smokescreen is played by his fellow Autobots, he loses because he was transported by gambling and at the end of the episode Optimus Prime, instead of preaching him, decides to go with the others to play!

Episode46: Quest for Survival

Episode47: The Secret of Omega Supreme

  • Unbelievable! At the beginning of the episode we see Sideswipe alongside Megatron (they were wrong because in fact in the image after there is Soundwave!!).

  • Powerglide, when speaking to Optimus Prime, in a sequence has a yellow face instead of a white one (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • It is not clear. Why is Omega Robot amazed at the behavior of Constructicons? Ok, they were friends, but they were already wearing the symbol of the Decepticons...

  • Throughout the Omega Robot flashback, the Constructicons are only five. The right sixth to form Devastator appears...

  • It is absurd that Astrotrain does not notice Cosmos when the latter steals a piece of mineral. He leans on him, even falls on a wing and then starts to rocket making a terrible mess! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Constructicons are seen on a planetoid. They are clearly all six, but soon after we see one (exactly Scavenger) next to Megatron on Earth!


  • During the battle against Omega Supreme, Scrapper in one scene has a white head (and is also devoid of eyes) (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode48: Kremzeek!

  • Note: when Megatron is in the cockpit of Thrust, you see a porthole. But is not a fighter? Why does he have a porthole?

  • Sparplung takes Kremzeek with his hands! Is he crazy? Do not you see that it is made of electricity? In truth he would have died instantly struck ...

  • Jazz is knocked out by Kremzeek but soon after it is reviewed together with other Autobots fully functional.


  • In mid-episode, we see again the keys on the chest of Blaster, go from three to four and vice versa.


  • We see Soundwave with the white collar type t-shirt.

  • In Tokyo's theater aired a hard movie! In the poster you see a naked woman ...

  • There is an error in the writings of Red Alert turned into a car. On the side it has the letters D and F instead of F and D (fire department)

  • Horrible! You can see Starscream with the mouth of Soundwave!! Soundwave himself (without the symbol of the Decepticons on his chest) seems to look at him perplexed ...

Episode49: Sea Change

  • When Cosmos and the other Autobots decide who has to leave for the marine planet and who does not, Cosmos says that Optimus Prime cannot go with them because it is too big and he would not be able to transport it. But the mass shifting? Also, shortly thereafter, you see your own huge Cosmos compared to Autobots! Evidently he did not want to have Optimus Prime around...

  • Shortly after mid-episode we see Dirge becoming Ramjet.

Episode50: Triple Takeover

  • Blitzwing encloses the coach in a giant locker!

  • When the Decepticons reach the derailed trains, Thundercracker becomes Starscream (which is instead a prisoner along with Megatron)


  • It seems a bit much that the city has been totally flooded due to a simple broken pipe ...


  • Smokescreen shoots the smoke on Scrapper and he starts coughing! Since the robots breathe? <Thanks to Simone's report>

  • The Decepticons reach Blitzwing and Devastator who are struggling. Among the airplanes in flight we can see Blitzwing. But it was not supposed to be there!

  • Note: the coach remains locked, so presumably dies drowned...

Episode51: Prime Target

  • Note: it is a bit sad that the Autobots watch a soap opera on Teletran 1

  • Oh boy! The Optimus Prime trailer appears out of nowhere (as always) but this time it even appears from under Teletran 1

  • That sort of mechanical snake, twice detaches the transceiver from the arm of Inferno. They recycled the same scene immediately after!

  • Among the Autobots present we also see Jazz and Inferno that instead were captured !!

  • Almost all the captured Autobots could free themselves at any time...

Episode52: Auto-Bop

  • Just at the beginning of the episode, there is a bit of confusion on the clothing of the black guy. Initially you see with a black jacket and white t-shirt, then takes off the black jacket but in the next image he still has it on. Shortly after you can see him with the white shirt only. Then again the black jacket and then still white...!



  • Even the boy with the bandana changes shirt, from orange to red and again orange...


  • The symbol of the autobot that has Tracks is horrible !! What is it? A teddy bear?

  • Note: Blaster leaves the door to the secret shelter of the Autobots wide open. Very smart!!!  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • During the clash between Soundwave and Blaster, the latter when walking seems to be on a conveyor belt!!

  • When Starscream and Tracks engage the aerial duel, Starscream, in an image, becomes Ramjet...

Episode53: The Search for Alpha Trion

  • When Elita shoots behind Starscream, we see a famous cybertronian garbage bin..! Ha ha ha! (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • In the middle of the episode, before entering the space bridge, Ironhide speaks about guards watching over the bridge but there is no trace...

Episode54: The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

  • Note: Very ludicrous Powerglide climbing on the carousel. But does the carousel hold it?

  • The Astoria's necklace is always blue, but when the girl gets on Powerglide it becomes yellow...

  • When Soundwave pulls the lever of the mega computer, one of the lights that make up the control panel, goes on his finger...

  • Note: Astoria is very strong! She manages to open the control panel as if it were a sardine box!

Episode55: Hoist Goes Hollywood

  • After Astrotrain loads Dirge, we see Thrust and Ramjet turning into airplanes. Too bad they are both colored as Thrust, i.e. red.


  • We see the word 'CLLOSE' on the hangar door...

  • Shortly after, we see Perceptor take the place of Soundwave again! They were wrong again, confusing the Autobot with the Decepticon. What a shame!

  • In this episode there are two quotes. The first is on Flash Gordon (the protagonist of the film is called Dash Jordon) and the second is on Star Wars (the actress has the same hairstyle as Princess Leia and even the background music has a Starwars...)

Episode56: The Key to Vector Sigma: Part 1

  • In mid-episode, Blaster is trampled by Omega Supreme!


Episode57: The Key to Vector Sigma: Part 2

  • What a mistake! Let's see one of the aerialbots flying together with the Decepticons!!

  • Halfway through, Ironhide is designed practically without legs. It seems to have a block of cement under the waist...

Episode58: Cosmic Rust

  • When the Autobots are spraying the corrostop on the statue of liberty, Gears is colored purple, as if it were Frenzy.

  • When Perceptor is in front of Megatron, the latter has the basin colored white instead of black.


Episode59: Masquerade

  • Is it possible that simple museum guards have laser guns? Ok for the soldiers, but some guards?

  • Note: It is a bit forced that the Autobots 'disguised' by Stunticons manage to turn into a car. For example, the mode of conversion of Optimus Prime in trucks is very different from that of Motormaster.

  • Immediately after the escape of the stunticons from the cages, we see Ironhide become a giant compared to the other Autobots (especially compared to Ratchet that should be big as Ironhide!)

  • Oh Boy!! Ultrax (or Pentacar or Menasor) has on the chest the symbol of Autobots!!

  • During Megatron's final attack on the Autobots, we see Windcharger colored green!  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • Funny! Soundwave that runs away in walkman mode...


Episode60: War Dawn

  • At the beginning of the episode, Silverbot flies with the cart lowered...

  • After Megatron fired at Orion and Hariel, we see the aerialbots rush to the rescue of their friends. Among them is the same Hariel who runs to help ... of herself!


Episode61: Trans-Europe Express

  • Really ugly the map of Europe. Ok, it's sketchy but that's really too much!

  • But how much do they make from Paris to Istanbul? two hours? Ok, Europe is smaller than the US but that's exaggerated!

  • When one of the stunticons passes Sideswipe, the rear bumper of the Decepticon merges with the front bumper of the Autobot...

  • Wirdrider instead of Wildrider. (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

  • When Bumblebee jumps on Megatron to steal the pearl, Megatron is not animated! It is immobile with an open hand waiting for the Autobot take it away.

  • During the retreat of the Decepticons, we see Sideswipe again near Megatron!!  (Note of AlediLeo and Kira)

Episode62: Starscream's Brigade

  • Soundwave that you can see at the beginning of the episode is really bad! It has the mouth drawn in the opposite direction than usual and also the compartment door cassette on his stomach is crooked ...

  • Note: also in this episode we see Shockwave together with Megatron and the other Decepticons on Earth, but in this case it is probably not a mistake. It is possible that Megatron, given the imminent threat of Starscream, has decided to call back to him also the guardian of Cybertron.

  • At the end of the episode, we see Powerglide totally colored in white.

  • When Megatron takes Starscream by the neck, the latter has the left foot colored white instead of blue.

Episode63: The Revenge of Bruticus

  • Starscream is exiled on an asteroid, nevertheless we see him next to Dirge on Earth. In fact it was colored instead of Thundercracker...

  • On the wheel of one of the Protectobots we see the word 'polise' instead of police. By the way, where do the Protectobots appear? There was no episode that introduced them...

  • Note: Spike gets a little too close to Megatron for our liking. It is located one inch from its right leg. Is not afraid of being trampled?

Episode64: Aerial Assault

Episode65: B.O.T.

  • The three boys drive a red Beetle that turns yellow and purple from one scene to another.


  • Elisa's right hand is hideous and misshapen at the end of the episode.



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