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Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes 1 - 40


Episode1:Revive! Legendary hero

  • At the beginning of the episode, a tragic situation of the world (floods, earthquakes, wars) is painted by the narrator. Fist of the north star! But in the next episodes, there will be no trace of all this (it simply seems the current world).

  • In flashback in which Seiya-child tries to break the stone with the hand, you see an exaggerated amount of blood spurting. At most Seiya would have broken a hand, certainly not quartered! Besides, the hand is bandaged so the bandage should have contained the blood.

  • Every time Seiya (but also the other saints) wears armor, changes the dress underneath (jeans become a red overalls, etc.).

  • When Shaina launchs the 'thunder claw' for the second time, she has blood on her shoulder and lacks a shoulder strap but Seiya has not hit her yet! <Thanks to Manuela's report>

  • When Seiya draws the 13 stars with his hands, the red band on the left arm is missing.


Episode2:Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!

  • During the clash with Unicorn, Ban is represented with the constellation of the Lion of the zodiac instead of the Leo Minor! <Thanks to Krisos reporting>

  • After defeating Geky, Seiya has the sleeve of the colored t-shirt of silver as the breastplate of his armor.

  • The light board shows the names of the knights as they are pronounced in Japanese or Doragon instead of Dragon and Andoromeda rather than Andromeda.

Episode3:Cygnus! Warrior of the ice field

  • Appears and disappears the blue bandage on the arm of Hyoga.


  • Ichi sticks the claws on Hyoga's arm which is usually discovered but in this case it is covered by the armor (it is colored simply by white). As a result Hyoga actually would have died poisoned! This is not just a color error but a concept error.


  • When Ichi suffers the diamond dust, in an image they have not colored his pants so as to appear in the underwear!


Episode4:Dragon! Unrivaled fist and shield

  • Why should some Saints (such as Seiya and Unicorn) have to participate in the first rounds of the fight and others have been automatically admitted to the second? Usual intercessions?

  • After Shiryu broke the Seiya bracelet, the contour of the bracelet is not as red as it should be.

  • Dragon is just stupid to fall into the trap of Seiya. What's the idea of hitting the shield with the fist at that distance?

  • Among the spectators we see Kenshiro twice!


  • In the scene of the replay, when Shiryu hits his shield, it's overthrown respect to the normal position of the arm (in fact in the following image it returns normal).


  • Just at the end of the episode, the starry background between the tail and the Pegasus wing is not colored.

Episode5:Miracle of rebirth! Friendship of the cosmos

  • Shiryu is extremely careless to get rid of the Dragon's armor in the previous episode, knowing he would have left his heart uncovered. He could fight removing only the shield and the bracelet of the fist. He had it coming!

  • Among the public present at the clash between Seiya and Dragon there's princess Minky Momo!

  • When the boys encourage Seiya, in the audience we see the protagonists of the wizard of OZ (Dorothy, the cowardly lion, the tin woodman and the scarecrow).


Episode6:Phoenix! The warrior who saw hell

  • Immediately after the first attack on Shun, Jabu's helmet has uncoloured eyes.

  • Immediately after being hit by Ikki, the Shun strap seems broken only partially but, from behind, it seems totally missing!


Episode7:It is stolen! The gold cloth

  • Some spectators are repeated from match to match. They will be subscribers...

  • After striking Unicorn, Ikki has the diadem of the helmet totally yellow instead of red.

  • The black saint behind Seiya has the armor chest totally blue instead of blue and black.

  • Note: Instead of stealing the armor, Ikki could participate in the tournament and win it regularly. Indicatively on his way he would have found Shun first (Wolf is not even to be considered ...) and then a winner between Seiya and Hyoga. Shun participated only to find his brother so he would have no reason to clash with Ikki. In the final clash against Seiya or Cignus, a "genmaken" would have been enough to put them out of play (Hyoga himself will suffer a few episodes later with serious consequences).

Episode8:Defeat them! The black Phoenix army

  • Question: but Miho is not ashamed to go around with a kitchen apron?

  • One of the black saints has a totally black armor breastplate.

  • After defeating the black saint, Shun has a tuft of pink hair (fused with the helmet) instead of green.

Episode9:Formidable enemy! The four heavenly knights of darkness manifest

  • What an ugly face of Seiya when he introduces the dog to Saori. He looks deformed!

  • When Seiya chases the dog, again appears and disappears the red bandage on his left arm.

  • What happened to the swan on Hyoga's helmet? It became obese!!

  • At the end of the episode, when Black Dragon imagines defeating Shiryu, the latter has two shields.

Episode10:Beware Shiryu! The cemetery of cloths

  • Is it possible that the armor of Dragon and that of Seiya are even dead as claimed by Mu? The former suffered damage to the shield and the bracelet while the second only to the bracelet and the helmet. They will have suffered the wear and tear of time for lack of use...

  • But Seiya sleeps dressed? Apparently he seems wear jeans...

Episode11:Life and death struggle! Terror of the black death fist

  • We do not understand why the other bronze saints (Hydra, Leo Minor, Bear, Unicorn and Wolf) did not leave together with Seiya, Hyoga and Shun. The recovery of the Gold Cloth should also interest them! Ok, they are definitely weak, but better than nothing. Some of them had the destroyed armor (Hydra) but Seiya himself goes to the rendezvous with Ikki without his own.

  • Mu is really infamous to ask all that blood to Dragon if the Orialcon and the star dust (which he had spare) were enough to repair the armor. And even if he had done to test him, he could stop him a while before Shiryu became gray from all the blood he lost...

  • In the scene of the battle between Seiya and Black Pegasus, Seiya armor bracelet has no red-colored outline.

  • Precisely in the final scene of the episode, Ikki does not have the orange stripes on the armor breastplate.

Episode12:Catch! Nebula chain of friendship

  • During the clash with Hyoga, the diadem on Ikki's helmet appears totally orange (missing the white part).

  • When Ikki gets rid of his armor, this is totally red.

  • Shun does not hear the shouting of Hyoga and Ikki as they fight but he senses the sound of Cygnus' bell... What a strange hearing...

  • In the previous episode Seiya falls into the crevasse with the upper legs of the armor still on him, but in this episode there is no longer any trace. What happened?

Episode13:Burn Up! Punch of flames

  • Is it possible that Shun's chain is not able to recover Seiya without forcing Shun to descend along the crevasse?

  • During the battle against Black Dragon, Shiryu colored his left arm as if he had purple overalls up to the elbow.


  • Black Dragon manages to stop the hemorrhage of Shiryu but it is not clear how Dragon does to recover his strength since he was close to death. Moreover, the blood is reabsorbed and clean.

  • When Shiryu activates the dominant stars of Seiya, Shun helmet is totally pink (without the white friezes)

  • As it happens in Hokuto no Ken, the dresses of the saints (especially those of Shiryu) come back intacts after being torn...

  • When Shiryu and Shun head for Ikki, the helmet of the Dragon has yellow and not red eyes.

  • Shortly afterwards the helmet of Andromeda is badly colored.


  • When Seiya attacks Ikki at the end of the episode, the pectoral of Ikki's cloth has inverted colors.

Episode14:Defeated! The illusion demon fist

  • When Shun blocks Hyoga's arm, the diadem on the Swan's helmet is not colored blue as usual.

  • After suffering Hoyoku tensho, the swan on Hyoga's helmet is totally red.

  • When Seiya launches his final punch to Ikki, the eyes on Seiya's helmet are not colored.

Episode15:Now it's revealed! The enigma of Ikki

  • Why Shun is forced to lean out of the ravine to grab Ikki with the chain? The latter should be able to stretch, instead it behaves like a normal chain.

  • Where was the golden helmet when Ikki hid it from Docrates?

Episode16:A giant! The fierce attack of Docrates

  • In this episode Arles' hand is colored blue.

  • Still in the aforementioned scene, how does Arles drink wine if he wears a mask? A little complicated, it's? <Thanks to the report by Max Barzaghi>

  • When Shaina knocks out Marin, in the scene where she is on the ground, the shoulder is on the right instead on the left. There are also little mistakes with Marin's blood, with bloodstains on the mask not seen in previous shots. <Thanks to betelgeuse's report>


  • They could spare us the view of Shun's firm butt while taking a shower!

Episode17:Rescue! Saori's crisis

  • Since Hyoga takes a few seconds to freeze the legs of Docrates, Seiya and Shun could decide to attack even a bit before seeing the friend beaten on his back by punches and fists!

  • How come Kiki wastes time running like a desperate man behind Shiryu when he could safely transport himself to the place where there were pieces of the Gold Cloth?

Episode18:Great rage! Ghost Saint of the Caribbean

  • The image of the Mediterranean portrayed in the globe is ugly. Sardinia is also missing ...

  • Again Andromeda's helmet has inverted colors.

Episode19:Life or Death! Bloody battle of the Island of Spirits

  • When Saori landed by the jet, she has no necklace or bracelet on her body, but in the next scene, when she gets rid of them by throwing them in the water, they both appear...

  • In this episode the saints are really poor. Hyoga is exhausted for having fought ten seconds in the water against Sea Serpent and gets knocked down by rock spiders, Shiryu is terrified to see bats and is take out by a moray eel. Shun then is overcome by Medusa that Seiya defeated in no time...

  • More than once Seiya remembers his inability to fight against a woman (Shaina on several occasions) but in this episode he does not have the slightest scruple to hit Morgana on the back, already lying on the ground, among other things.

Episode20:Desperate battle! Shaina's revenge

  • Hyoga, from behind, has the right arm without the bandage. From the front, the bandage appears magically...


Episode21:Passionate misdeed! The aurora confrontation

  • Again in the flashback we see Hyoga punching a slab of ice and losing blood in large quantities. Is it possible?

  • Among the villagers we see Maria from Grendizer - special guest

  • In the scene where Hyoga and Seiya are bent over the body of Crystal Saint, the left shoulder of Seiya is devoid of the red outline.

Episode22:Rebirth of the flame! Invincible Ikki

  • When Tatsumi is tortured, he is bare-chested but then we see him dressed again with a bow tie. Gigas and his companions have not only kept him alive but have even dressed him. What a gently!

  • Also, in the torture scene, Tatsumi is naked but from behind it seems to have the jacket!


  • Note: in the preview of the following episode, on the cross is written 'Pegasas' (corrected then in the next episode in 'Pegasus').

Episode23:Silver Saint! Vain and boastful assassin

  • During the toast, the "skirt" of Ikki is colored blue instead of reddish.

Episode24:Fly Pegasus! Like a comet

  • It's unlikely that Marin can be Seika. In the short time since the two brothers were split when Seiya was taken to Greece to train, Seika was to become a silver saint...

Episode25:Fight! The rise of Athena

  • But how long does Hyoga take to reach the beach? Seiya has time to fight with Misty, defeat Misty, go home, rest a little (we can see him lying in bed), return to the beach, find Moses and Asterion, defeat Moses, be beaten from Asterion, be saved by Marin and Hyoga continues to run... He may be a saint but he is also a snail. Better to take a taxi or not?

  • When Seiya and Hyoga observe the inscription left by Marin, the diadem of the swan's helmet is totally white rather than blue.

  • How does Shiryu already come back from Goro ho? He was still in China when he feel Marin hit Seiya a few hours before!

  • Saori has again the necklace she had thrown into the sea in episode 19. She will have bought more than one in some chinese kiosk...

Episode26:Friend or foe! Steel Saints

Episode27:Stone Seiya! Shield of Medusa

  • Hyoga is 14 years old (according the manga) but he can drive. Where did he get the driving license?

Episode28:Dragon! Victory of Self-Sacrifice

Episode29:Kidnapped! Corvus' army calls unexpectedly on Saori

  • When Seiya chases the ravens who are taking away Saori, he has bare legs under the armor (or rather, they have not colored his suit red and therefore looks naked!).

Episode30:Burn! Cosmo of love

  • But how long does it take Hyoga and Shun to reach Saori and Seiya? The girl was kidnapped in the evening (however, not a late hour, since they were all still awake) and Seiya reaches her almost immediately, Hyoga and Shun instead arrive the next morning. what have they done in the meantime?

Episode31:Evil apparitions! Deadline of life or death

  • Note: is it possible that saints, able to make spectacular jumps even among skyscrapers, can die falling from a crevasse?

  • Haargh! Poor Seiya, Ikki pulls him up right from the broken arm.That must've hurt!

  • Two errors of coloring for the Ikki armor: during the clash with Auriga and Capella the diadem of the helmet is totally orange (the white part is missing) and then the colors of the chest are overturned.


Episode32:Great explosion! Death Queen Island

  • What kind of hospitals do they have in Tokyo? Seiya is hospitalized with a drip and a ice bag on his head...

  • But did not Seiya have a broken arm? In this episode seems to be very well and the arm is not wrapped.

  • When Shun hangs from the helicopter, the white band of his helmet is pink colored.

Episode33:Dragon and tiger clash! No light for dragon tears

  • Shiryu wants compassion! When Shunrei hands him the glass with the tea he grabs it but then drops it. This thing has nothing to do with being blind.

  • Shiryu trains himself to hit swallows that continually throw themselves on him. What swallows are they? Kamikaze?

  • When Saori speaks to Seiya, the girl is first at the top of a long stairway but soon after, without moving, she appears a few steps from him.


  • When Shunrei go swimming, she jumps into the water from one place to another as if she were a fish. It's impossible!

  • During the flashback, while talking to Shiryu, we see Demetrios first with some blood splatter on his right shoulder and on his collar, then completely clean!


Episode34:Farewell friend! Rest in peace

Episode35:Desperate journey! Open dragon's eyes

  • It is not surprising that Ushio and the others Steel Saints can't find the helmet of the gold cloth using computers. Considered what is written above...

clicca sull'immagine per ingrandirla

Episode36:Amazing! Reality of the twelve gold cloths

  • Saori is able to see that Seiya has a fever by placing her hand on his forehead. Too bad she has gloves! She can do it because she's Athena?

  • Why Seiya has a crutch and a bandaged arm? Did not he just have a little fever? (it makes more sense in the manga as the boy comes directly from the clash with Damian in which he broke his arm, since the episodes from 32 to 35 do not exist)

  • In the flashback in which Seiya is seen wrapping the arm of Shaina, the bandage changes from one scene to another.


  • Milo has a part of the cloth (the one covering the right thigh) not colored.

Episode37:The mask cries out! Love or death?

  • When Seiya and Shaina feel the cosmos of Aiolia, the girl's suit is colored pink instead of green so it look like she has bare legs.

  • In the scene where Shaina falls into the arms of Seiya, the back of the girl is naked. In the image after, however, it is covered again.


  • Before the sacrifice of Shaina, is several times repeated the animation of Seiya crying while he strikes the fist towards Aiolia. But he had no reason to cry in those scenes since the sacrifice takes place later. Had Seiya read the episode script?

  • Gold cloth of Sagittarius mysteriously changes shape and it will remain that way for the rest of the series. What happened to it? (in the manga had been camouflaged by Mitsumasa Kido but here it is not mentioned)

Episode38:Clash! Gold Saint

  • In the previous episode the suit under the Sagittarius Cloth was white (in fact it was the hospital pajamas Seiya wore), but in this episode it becomes magically red.


  • In one scene, Seiya has his fingers colored yellow as the Gold Cloth.

  • Aiolos, when appears in vision at Aiolia, has his left arm totally golden.

Episode39:Speed of light! The fist faster than the speed of sound

  • Shiryu misses the left collar of his armor.

Episode40:Go! The official departure

  • Nemes is made of butter! It was enough that Shun tugged her on the ground to find herself crawling like is dying! Yet she should be a bronze saint!! What a shame!

  • Leda and Spica were pretenders to the Andromeda's armor (we'll see in episode 69) but in this episode they both have armors. Where did they find them? They built them?


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