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Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes 41 - 73


Episode41:Great Sanctuary Battle! Athena's Greatest Crisis

  • In the summary we can see that Saori sent a letter to Arles. Which address?

  • If a female saint is seen without the mask, has only two possibilities to save herself from disgrace: or kill the person who has seen her face or love him. Then June is in big trouble since she was seen by Shun, Leda, Spica, Seiya, Hyoga, Sho, Ushio, Daichi...

  • But what do the steel saints do? They are seen from the plane before departure and then disappear into thin air (and nobody will talk about it anymore). They were not much strong but something could still serve, maybe to slow down some gold saint... Fixed-term contracts?

  • When Betelgeuse says the names of the houses, in that of Shura it is erroneously written 'Caricornus' instead of 'Capricornus'

  • Saints trust Shiryu's senses (which, by the way, is blind!) and they are wrong! It is him who says that the arrows of Betelgeuse are all illusions. So the only real arrow hits Saori in the chest!

Episode42:The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses

  • At the end of the previous episode, Saori has gloves but now they have disappeared.


  • When Mu repairs the clothes, Seiya and his companions return with their normal dresses and not with the usual overalls (especially Shiryu who has the Chinese long dress again). Where did they have them??

  • Also in the scene where Mu repairs the clothes, we see the 4 bronze saints from behind, but then, from the front, their positions have totally changed.


  • Again the Shun helmet has a vertical stripe colored in pink instead of white.

Episode43:Big Bang! Battle of Taurus Temple

  • Aldebaran smashes half the house during the fight against Seiya but in other images the house seems intact. Among other things, we are really wondering how many walls the house of the Taurus has, since Seiya does nothing but break them down the whole episode.

Episode44:Gemini! Maze of Light and Dark

  • Why Seiya and companions persist in going into Gemini's house? We can easily see that there is enough space in the middle to get around it! Even if it were another illusion they could at least try it!

Episode45:Panic! Adrift in a Different Dimension

Episode46:Cry Out! Nebula Chains fight as One

  • When we see Mu crouched near Athena, from a distance he does not have the helmet but near he has it again!


  • The helmet of Shun, compared to any other, often has errors of coloration. Here again the two horizontal stripes are not pink.

  • While Shun is preparing for the final attack against Gemini, the defense chain passes through his arm!! <Thanks to Wizard09's report>

  • What happens to Gemini's mantle? When the armor breaks down and becomes a totem, there is no trace of the mantle.


Episode47:Farewell Hyoga! Sleep, O Brave One!

  • Hyoga sailed in the another dimension that catapulted him directly to the house of Libra. Well, he jumped 3 houses, such luck, like in Monopoly. Unless it was Camus himself who called him back when Shun defeated Gemini's saint.

  • When Hyoga's mother sees her son walking away on the boat, she is dressed in a purple jacket, but when we see her dead at the bottom of the sea she has a light white dress. Has she changed her clothes before dying??


Episode48:Dragon! Revival in the Land of Death

  • The houses of the gold saints do not seem to be very tall, Seiya and his companions could directly go further by jumping them. Why do not they do it?

Episode49:Love! Shunrei's Prayer

  • How long does it take Seiya to get to Leo's house? An abundant hour! The saint runs at 1 mph?

Episode50:Arise Dragon! Shiryu's Angry Cosmo

  • Death Mask has short fingernails but in the image later they become claws. How did they grow up so fast?


  • Again, the staircase that leads from the house of Cancer to that of Leo seems rather short and yet Shiryu and Shun will employ 3 episodes to go it all (beyond the intervention of Cassios).

Episode51:Why! Fang of the Gold Lion

  • Seiya is really a old fox. Is it possible that he does not understand that Aiolia is under the influence of Arles? Yet he should know the power to manipulate the mind (Crystal saint...).

  • The situation of June becomes more complicated. She was admitted to the clinic (or hospital) without the mask. At this point she must stop to be saint or is forced to kill or love half the population of Tokyo!

  • But how the hell does Marin run? And how does he get to the Sanctuary if a few hours before she was in Tokyo?

Episode52:Arles! The Demon Emperor Plots

  • In the flashback in which Aiolia brings Shaina to Cassios, the girl has cloth on but when she rests in the bed she has only the combat armor. It's possible that Cassios took her cloth off her, but it's a bit ridiculous that he put the combat suit (complete with shoes). It made more sense if he left she in pajamas...

  • How the heck knows Cassios that Aiolia was hit by Arles' Genromaoken? Did the Pope disclose the news via radio? Did he distribute flyers? Has the profile updated on facebook?

Episode53:That Man! Cassios Dies for Love

  • The dimensions of Cassios vary considerably from image to image.

  • Seiya's cloth has cracks in the straps and bracelets but in some scenes these are healthy.

  • But how is it possible that someone like Cassios, who is not even a saint, manages to knock Shiryu and Shun out with such ease?

  • How come Cassios does find himself already at the fifth house? Considering that a few minutes earlier he was in the market at the botton of the Sanctuary, he even manage to precede Shiryu and Shun! Did he take a shortcut? An elevator?

Episode54:Ikki! Phoenix's Blazing Wings

  • After Shiva has dropped the girl into the volcano, the breastplate of the Phoenix cloth has inverted colors.

Episode55:Fellowship of Harm! Athena's Cry

  • The design of this episode is of an impressive ugliness and belongs to Shizuo Kawai (ironically, kawai in Japanese means cute, graceful). Also, what happens to the scar that has Ikki near the eyes?

  • We can see (even if from a distance) again Saori with gloves.

  • But how much do they take Seiya, Shiryu and Shun to reach Virgo's house??? Virtually all the clash of Ikki against Shiva and Agora (two whole episodes).

Episode56:Shaka! Most Sacred Saint

  • How the hell does Phoenix reach the sixth house if until the previous episode he was on the Kanon island? Absurd, he's even faster than Cassios...

Episode57:The Fear of Nothingness! The Open Eyes of Shaka

  • In the manga between Ikki and Shun there are two years of difference but here they seem to be many more (with Shun in diapers Ikki can not have two years!)

  • In this episode Seiya fainted face down, while in the previous one he was supine. Has he turned? Or maybe he just pretends he's fainted, leaving Ikki the ungrateful task of beating Shaka?


Episode58:Hero! Ikki Destroyed For Brotherly Love

  • Seiya, Shun and Shiryu are in a different position compared to how they had fainted two episodes ago. At this point we have the certainty that they are cowardly and that in reality they are not without knowledge!


  • Shun has again the helmet without the friezes colored white.

  • The position in which Kiki and Mu take care of Athena in the rain is the same as seen in previous episodes (they only changed the backdrop).


Episode59:Revive Swan! Life, Death, and Love

  • At the beginning of the episode the diadem on the helmet of Aiolia is not colored blue.


  • When Cassios dies he has a naked torso but in this episode, he has it again!


  • When Shaina cries on Cassios' body, her gloves leave the fingers open, but then they completely cover the hands.


  • Poor Shaina! She get two punches in the stomach in the space of a few hours!

  • We see Mu again with the helmet. He does nothing but take it off and put it on! By the way, Saori seems to be lying in a different position than the other times.

  • The cracks on the shoulder pads of Seiya continue to disappear and reappear from one scene to another...

  • After Libra's armor appears, the Dragon's helmet has a non-colored eye.

Episode60:Hyoga's Return! At Risk of Life

  • Shun is strangled by the chain of Leda, nevertheless manages to speak. How does?

Episode61:Surrender or Die! Milo vs. Swan

  • Seiya and Shiryu are reversed from one scene to another.


  • Saori is lying in a very different place from the one seen in previous episodes. Did Kiki and Mu move her??


  • Tatsumi's kendo suit is different than when he left for the Sanctuary. Also what happened to him for all this time??


  • It would be interesting to know how they did Geki and Ichi to repair their clothes. Last time we saw them, they were totally pulverized, but now they're good. It had been said that the only person able of repairing a dead armor (and they're really death!) was Mu but it seems a little unlikely that he was the only one to repair them.

Episode62:Forge Ahead Hyoga! Proud and Brave

  • In a short scene we see Shun running together with Seiya and Shiryu even if he should be unconscious and carried by Seiya! <Thanks to pinco's report>

Episode63:Be Heard! Sanctuary's Gold Cloth

  • Pegasus' cloth continues to have no cracks in several images.

  • In front of the door of Arles' hall we see two guards but not long before there was nobody.


Episode64:Young Men! You are worthy of Athena

  • Seiya and Shiryu react a little coldly when Shun recovers, considering that until recently he was left for dead.

  • What happens to the blood that was on the swan's armor at the end of the battle with Milo? Did Hyoga take a shower in the meantime?

  • In the scene where saints fall into the abyss, Shun could use his chain. Seiya is a bit 'unwary to try the solidity of the lightning floor walking in the middle instead of staying close to the walls...

  • When Seiya and Shun cling to the chain and jump over the cliff, they speak for half an hour but the distance between the two ledges did not seem so large...

  • In the view, you can clearly see that Sagitter's house can be easily bypassed, avoiding passing through it. Why do not the saints do it?

  • Aiolos is a bit infamous. Why put the saints to the test and make them lose an hour of their precious time instead of making them pass directly? Moreover, they were already quite exhausted by the previous battles.

Episode65:Growling Excalibur! Shura vs. Dragon

  • It's a little weird to hear about of Excalibur as the 'sacred sword of Athena'. In fact, in the legend, the sword belonged to King Arthur who has nothing to do with the Greek myth.

  • Shura's behavior is not very clear. In the flashback he intimated Aiolos to bring back the little Saori but then, after having defeated him, leaves the baby to die instead of taking her and bring her back to the Sanctuary.

Episode66:Shiryu! Vanish Like a Star

  • Shiryu takes off Shura's helmet with a kick but in a subsequent image, we see the Gold Saint again with his helmet (they simply recycled a previous scene).


  • The chest wound that Shura causes to Shiryu disappears in some images and then reappears in others.


Episode67:Farewell! My teacher, my friends

Episode68:Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite

  • We see Shaka with the helmet's diadem totally red.

  • How can Aphrodite talks with the rose in his mouth... without moving it? Being a gold saint also gives you such powers?

Episode69:Demon Roses! Sweet Fragrance of Death

  • It is ironic that Aphrodite, which among all the gold saints is the one that most boasts of its beauty, was designed in this episode by Shizuo Kawai. What a bad luck!

  • In a scene at the end of the episode, Shun's suit is colored pink like the armor so that both legs seem to reach up to the groin (which, among other things, is very painful).

Episode70:Peace! Shun's Last Smile

  • The Shun's nebula is a powerful blow that manifests itself as a windstorm that sweeps away everything... except the mantle of Aphrodite that in an image is still as a piece of frozen cod, when instead the rest around him moves...

  • When Aphrodite dies, his body is completely covered by roses (except the face) but in an image after there is no trace of them.


Episode71:Fire is going out In the Fire Clock! True Face of the Pope

  • Seiya succeeds in sweeping away all the roses on the steps with a single blow. How does? There is not even a petal ...

  • During the dialogue with Shaina, the lower part of Seiya pectoral is not drawn (same for the arms, only colored)

Episode72:Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends

  • When Seiya is hit on the stomach by Arles' fist, the gold saint's suit is colored by yellow (the only discovered part of the armor).

  • As already happened at the sixth house, even in this situation Ikki takes very little to get to Arles starting from the house of Shaka. A few minutes...

  • Without the touch, Seiya should absolutely not be able to handle the shield, unless the sixth sense (and perhaps the seventh) does not compensate for this lack in any way.

  • It would have been better if Mylock and the other bronze saints had avoided go shade to Saori when she was illuminated by Athena's shield.

  • How could Arles thinked to lead the Sanctuary by having Mu, Aiolia and the other gold saints as enemies?

Episode73:Gather, Friends! Toward Athena

  • In the scene where Gemini beat up Seiya, the left shoulder is destroyed, but in the next scene it is again intact. When Seiya burns his cosmos before hitting Arles, we can clearly see that the shoulder is half-destroyed but in the next scene it's perfect (the cracks provoked by Aiolia are also missing...)


  • How ugly is Ikki's face in this scene!?

  • When Gemini destroys the armor of Phoenix, Ikki has blue pants, but in the next scene they turn red.


  • Either Saori and the other saints take a few minutes to climb the staircase that passes through all 12 houses of the zodiac (and they do not run!!) or the clash between Saga-Seiya-Ikki lasts another 12 hours...

  • During the clash with Saga, Hyoga and Shiryu exchange their cosmos! The color of the cosmos of Shiryu is white and that of Hyoga is green! <Thanks to Manuela's report>

  • In episode 71, when Gemini wears the gold cloth, he was naked (it seems even without underwear!) but in this episode, when the armor breaks down, he remains with a nice pair of pants. Where do they come from?


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