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Bloopers and mistakes in the episodes 74 - 99


Episode74:Enemies of the Northern Pole! The Legendary God Warriors

  • We already see a mistake in the original opening. In the scene in which the five saints are framed from bottom to top, each of them moves their hair pushed by the wind, but the lower part of Shiryu's Chinese dress is absolutely still. It looks as rigid as a resin statue...

  • Saori's mansion should be the same view in the first episodes of the series, however we had never seen that she had a garden and a similar forest nearby!

Episode75:Hilda! Goddess Imprisoned by Evil

  • Note: It may seem strange but the swan on Hyoga's helmet, compared to the first version of the armor, has a colored eye of blue (the right) and one of red (the left). Also in the opening.

  • During the scene of the brief clash between Hyoga and Cyd, the latter is devoid of the cloak but it appears magically when the god warriors stands in defense of Hilda.


  • Hilda is a really dumbass. She has a battle strategy like that of a paramecium. When, at the end of the episode, the god warriors are against the saints of Athena, Hilda makes them withdraw! They would have been 7 knights of Asgard (indeed, 8, considering Bud) against 3 of Athena. They would have slaughtered them...

Episode76:Great Giant Thor! Hatred of Cosmo

  • When Hyoga has fainted on the ground, we see the diadem of the helmet colored white instead of blue.

Episode77:Giant's Tears! Dying For Hilda's Cause

  • The part that stops the diadem of Shun often changes from red to silver and vice versa (even in previous episodes). Part of the diadem of Shiryu's helmet is colored green instead of yellow. And even the 'whiskers' are too long (they look like real antennas).


  • When Seiya collects Thor's sapphire, first he does it with his left hand, then in the next scene he has it on his right and in the after scene it is still on his left again! Is he a magician as well as a knight?


  • Before the clash with Thor, Hyoga, Seiya and Shun were faced with a stairway that blocked their path but now, despite having run for a while, they find themselves in front of it again.

Episode78:Bared Fangs! Northern Wolf Fenrir

  • In the flashback we see Shiryu, saved by Capricorn's armor, fainting face down, but in episode 73, when Athena brings him back to life, the saint was on his back.


Episode79:Sorrow! Fate of the Northern Wolf Pack Blow

  • Note: There is no continuity between the ending of the previous episode and the beginning of this episode.

  • During the dialogue between Shiryu and Fenrir, the dragon armor strap is missing the two yellow tips.


Episode80:Flowing Snowfield! Sad Howling

  • The way Shiryu defeats Fenrir is rather sad. Is it possible that a knight of Asgard like him could die buried by an avalanche? Docrates himself, in episode 16, had been buried by a sort of avalanche but had no difficulty in freeing himself, although very weaker than Fenrir.

Episode81:Freya! Love Tells of the Life/Death Struggle

  • When we see Hyoga chained to the wrists, the boy manages to stand up, but in the subsequent images he is on his knees. How is it possible? Do the chains get longer?


  • Just released from the chains on his wrists, Hyoga has a torn shirt, but when he and Freya come out of the prisons, the shirt is magically healthy! While she was there, did Freya repaired it?


  • Shiryu has fainted in a position and in a place different from those seen in the last episode. In this episode also the gray wolf of Fenrir lies close to him but in the previous one he died lying on a rock.


Episode82:Dancing Swan! Scorching Hell in the Ice

  • Hyoga, which is also a saint and therefore equipped with a speed higher than a human being, starting from the peak where Athena is praying, takes a long time to get to the clash with Hagen in the cave (in a nutshell runs for different episodes) but Freya, starting from the same place, arrives in 10 minutes. So much for the shortcut!

  • Kiki takes really too long, to teleport himself into the cave. On balance Freya, running, takes less time than him.

Episode83:Bewitching Harp! The Prelude of Death Tempts Shun

  • Just before falling into the ravine, a part of the Seiya's suit (the one between the knee and the legplate) is colored white.

  • The first bronze clothes had been pulverized in the Sanctuary (especially those of Shun and Hyoga) and yet, when we see the gold saints repair them, they are simply broken.

  • Why Shun does not recognize Mime when he sees him? They had already seen each other in episode 75. Short memory??

  • In an image in which Mime is sitting on the wall, the exposed part of the elbow (which should be white as the suit) is colored red like the armor.

  • Shortly before Mime creates the illusions that deceive Shun, the circlet of Andromeda's helmet is mistakenly colored green like the hair.

  • Shun gets discouraged too quickly by Mime's words, considering that humanity is at risk. He should also explain to Mime that the first to attack the Sanctuary was Cyd and that Hilda is clearly intent on ruling the world (which also affirmed the other knights of Asgard as Thor, Fenrir and Hagen ...)

Episode84:Decree of Death! String Requiem

  • When Shun strips off his cloth, we see the pieces at his feet, which vanish in successive shots.


  • In the scene where Shun launches the nebula, the cuts on his dress appear and disappear (and vice versa).


  • It does not make sense that the Andromeda's chain does not run to help its master. Mime really want to kill his opponent (and it would have been like that if Ikki had not stopped the last mortal note...).

  • As soon as Ikki arrives, the right vambrace of his armor is colored light blue.


Episode85:Hero's Grief! Frozen Hatred

  • In some images the helmet of Mime appears and disappears (this is because they recycled some scenes before Mime lost it).


Episode86:Phoenix! Crimson Blazing Wings

  • Note: in the summary we can see new scenes.

  • During the clash with Mime, Ikki is again with the vambrace colored light blue instead of blue (this time the right one).

  • Question: How can Shun have the braces intact and the underneath dress torn?

Episode87:Demon's Amethyst! Saint's Cemetery

  • Immediately after the battle with Megres, helmet's beak of Marin is not colored (it should be blue).

  • In an image we see the helmet of Seiya with the diadem totally white (instead of the yellow wings and red eyes).

  • At the end of the episode, the palms of the hands of Megres are not covered by gloves.

Episode88:Sword of Flame! Dreadful Ambition

  • The crevice that is going up Shiryu changes in width from one scene to another. Initially it is very tight and he manages to rise touching the two walls with his arms, but in another scene is wide and impossible to climb that way...


  • Seiya changes position within the amethyst coffin.


Episode89:Impossible Viciousness! Forest of Spirits

  • In a scene during the clash with Hyoga, the collar of the Megres suit is not colored.


  • Why in this episode Sigfried and Cyd took off their armor? In the last episode they had them on. Moreover, recover the seven sapphires to get the sword Balmung does not many sense. Hilda could to hide one of the god warriors (or hide a sapphire, perhaps throwing it in a ravine or who knows where), to prevent the saints of Athena appropriating. It would have been enough then to resume it once Athena was definitively defeated...

  • In several images, the diadem on Shiryu's helmet does not have eyes colored red.

Episode90:Don't Look Back, Seiya! Cosmo of the Rising Dragon

  • Also in this episode, Seiya is trapped in the amethyst in a different position...

  • It is true that Seiya and the saints have very little time but Marin could be a little more precise about Cyd and his secret. A few words about Bud were enough...

Episode91:Glow Shun! Hidden Puzzle of the Dark Fang

  • Again we see in different scenes the circlet of the Shun helmet colored white instead of red.

  • In the flashback we see that Aldebaran is hit behind the head but then we find him also wrapped on the chest and arms. Why??

Episode92:Swirl! Shun's Desperate Use of the Nebula Storm

  • Note: Strangely Shun attacks with the chain with the circular tip (that is the defense).

  • Again, when Shun takes off his armor, the pieces disappear at his feet (the same happened with Mime).


  • When Shaina saves Shun from the blow of Bud, the girl has the diadem on his head but in an image it is no longer there.


Episode93:Bud! Fate of the Twin Stars

  • Ikki's scar changes in length in several scenes. In some it is just accentuated, in others it is a real groove.

  • In this episode Cyd has his eyes closed and yet when he died he had opened them. How's possible that none of them notices the thing?

Episode94:Bond of Brotherhood! Syd Rests with his Ancestors

  • In the initial scene, when Ikki throws the hoyoku tensho, he is without the helmet, but in the next image the helmet still has it on him (he loses it soon after).

  • In addition to having his eyes closed, here Cyd is also turned from the previous episodes. As proof of the fact that he's still alive!


  • The green Shun's t-shirt is devoid of all the tears present during and after the fight with Mime. Did he mend it? Shun must really be a good tailor!

  • In the scene where Bud is about to kill Shun, Ikki launches himself into the air to save his brother but the flight don't have any sense, since Bud was standing on the floor (and only then is forced to jump just to hit Ikki). To hit Bud, Ikki would have simply to launch himself at ground level, not at the ceiling level! Did he wrong the jump??

  • As already mentioned, Cyd is still alive, but in episode 92 he looked really dead. He had also his eyes open. Is it possible to faint with open eyes?

  • When Seiya sees Hyoga fainted on the ground and goes to rescue him, he finds him on his stomach, turns him around and talks to him. In the scene after Hyoga is again on his stomach. Why?


  • Why Ikki and Shun (who has the usual circle of the helmet uncoloured) leave behind Shaina and go on? She did not seem to be so wound that she could not go on with them and in a similar situation every extra strength was manna from heaven.

Episode95:Hero of Noble Spirit! Legendary Knight Reborn

Episode96:Dragon Against Dragon! A Fraction of a Second Leads to Victory

  • In an image we see again the right vambrace of Ikki colored light blue instead of blue.

  • Shortly thereafter, Ikki has hair and eyes brown rather than blue. He looks like Doko when he was young...

  • In this legend of Siegfried they said that the hero scattered his body of the blood of the dragon and that this made him invulnerable, except in a small point remained covered by a leaf. Too bad that in the flashback Siegfried has also a kind of fur coat on his chest. In short, the points left vulnerable should be multiple and not just one...

Episode97:Siren! Beautiful Melody of Death

  • Just at the beginning of the episode the armor of Siegfried is intact while it should have the hole left by the hit of Shiryu in the last episode.


Episode98:Appearance of a Miracle! Odin Robe

Episode99:Athena! Eternal Prayer of Noble Spirits

  • In this episode we can see Mime with his intact zither beside him. That's impossible since the zither had been destroyed during the clash with Ikki.

  • The tears on the thighs in the Seiya suit (the one caused by Megres' sword) appears and disappears.


  • Shortly before Saori was abducted, Shun's armor strap did not have the usual embroideries.




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